Category: 3100 Mile Race 2021

  • Day 46: To Know Myself

    “It was a much better performance than my previous time.  So in  that sense it is an achievement.  But my final goal is to complete 3100 miles.  So in that sense (new 4,000 km Japanese record) is just a transition point, to get to the final goal.” “At each important milestone in the race such […]

  • Day 45: Step By Step

    “I feel very good.  I can see the finish line now step by step, everything has turned out according to my plan.” Wei Ming has had put on a remarkable performance of running since he took his first step here 44 days ago.  He says even though there have been a few differences in a […]

  • Day 44: Inner Call

    Though Andrea completed the 3100 mile race close to midnight last night he has chosen, as many do to run an additional 13 laps in order to make a full 5,000 kilometers. Asked how he felt, he said,  “Quite good I would say.  I am really happy and satisfied.” ” I never had a clear […]

  • Andrea Marcato Finish

    Andrea’a time was 42 Days: 17 hours: 38 minutes: 18 seconds   The board changes slowly The crowd gathers for the momentous occasion Runners pass Plans are made Nearly time Emotional The champion’s wreath of honor A precious moment for all This year’s champion A great performance

  • Day 43: Divine Warrior

    “Since last week I have gone through different challenging times.  Ultimately it is all God’s grace.  We just have to be surrendered instruments and have faith that everything is being taken care of.” “Really a big part of that is also being at times a divine warrior, and really have to bring forward all your […]

  • Day 42: You Need To Transcend

    “It starts with the simple things.  Do one step more than you planned.  Do something better than you planned.  To expand. Then you will start feeling joy from this expansion. It is never comfortable, but ultimately you will feel joy from self-transcendence.” “We all need to expand and transcend ourselves. Then you will get access […]

  • Day 41: Have Faith

    “I am really happy that I am ahead of my schedule, in respect to last year and I hope everything keeps turning for the better.” “I take every day as a single battle.  I never think about tomorrow, because somehow it never comes.  So every day I try and give my best.  Every day I […]

  • Day 40: Anything Is Possible

    As someone who is prone to grumbling and forecasting that the sky is falling; a slow or fast lap around the course with Ananda-Lahari is one of the best antidotes I know to clinging negativity.  He is literally always positive.  Even today when he is almost 1,000 miles shy of the goal and only 12 […]

  • Day 39: Inner Help

    “Sasha has been very good.  This time he is my only helper. (In the past Vasu has been able to count on a number of helpers) This time he has to do everything by himself.  He has to make it all happen.  But we are trying our best to make it all possible.” “Inner help […]

  • Day 38: This Is My Goal

    “About 3 days ago I experienced my rock bottom.  I was feeling so heavy and I couldn’t resist the gravity.  But for some reason after I passed 2000 miles everything got easier.” “Of course I was tired but somehow everything got easier.” “So this race has been my goal.  This years race it was not […]