Category: 3100 Mile Race 2014

  • June 17: Eternity’s Race

    If you could somehow acquire or shop for all the essential human elements you needed to run a race like this, most of us would probably create long lengthy well thought out lists .  Abundant strength, endurance, and energy would probably be at the very top of most people’s page.  I know those are things […]

  • June 16: Far Beyond

    We really know so little about most of the runners who started out on this great adventure a little more than 24 hours ago.  At the very least we can read a few sentences in the bio section of the race program.  Most often we simply look up at the results board and take some […]

  • June 15: It Is Perfect

    It is perfect. It is perfect and yet our eyes alone cannot reveal this perfection to us. It is perfect and yet no matter how long and how hard we analyze, calculate, and attempt to measure what is here we will still never succeed in fully understanding. There are many things we sometimes call perfect.  […]

  • June 14: Accept What Comes

    Sitting on a sunny bench on a warm spring New York afternoon I suddenly had a peculiar thought. I wondered to myself, “What do people look like who know that on the very next day they are going to be  sent off on a rocket into outer space?  That they are also aware that what […]