Day 30: Live In The Moment

“I feel so much warmth here and the people are so nice.”

“I qualified for the race and was invited.”

“When I first arrived I thought that I would compete but now I no longer feel like a competitor.  Now I just want to be part of it.”

When asked if the course felt like a new home, “Taiwan is home of course, but many people are coming to meet me here.  Strangers are coming to cheer me up, and right now my condition is very good.  I don’t have any injuries. I am very happy here.”

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

” Before I came I thought that breaking records was very important.  But now I realize that doing my best is just part of the process.  I just want to cherish the experience of being here.”

As for returning and running the race again Wei Ming responds humbly that he would like to but since there are so few places he doesn’t want to take away an opportunity from some other runner who also would like to run.

Sri Chinmoy Ultra Photo

“I feel as though I am living in the moment.  I really like my day to day experiences.”  Wei Ming adds that if he was unable to run here again he might like to come back and volunteer.

“I am really enjoying the moments here.  If I come again I want to make every moment meaningful.”

This morning a mysterious moment came when Wei Ming brought out a pair of sandals and wrote 3,000 km on them and then tied a balloon to them and placed them by a chair.  In a short while it was realized that he was subtly and humbly informing everyone that he was about to set a new standard for that distance and this was his method of letting all of us to know.

The board of course is set up in miles and without Sahishnu present the race statistician the mark in kilometers was not easily visible.

Sahishun was aware of the mark and recorded Wei Ming’s time ws 29 days, 1 hour, 18 minutes, 12 seconds

The board at the start of day 30

Camp including Peterson


Morning report



Andrea checking the mileage report

Checking cameras

Lights camera Harita


Start Day 30

Andrea did 71 miles

He now has 2058 miles


Medur and Ashirvad technical support

Vasu did 64 miles

He now has 1799 miles

Being helped by Vajra


Kodanda playing

Harita did 59 miles

Shr now has 1777 miles

With Bramhata


Sharani’s cookies

Takasumin did 59 miles

He now has 1728 miles

With Nina


postman has arrived

Stutisheel did 47 miles

He now has 1666 miles

Phone show


Tatyana with flower

Ananda-Lahari did 61 miles

He now has 1638 miles



Pranika with beautiful berries

There are so many ways
To look at the present moment.
My way is to see
Only good things
In the present moment.

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  1. Thanks for another great interview with Lo Wei Ming– I’m inspired to buy running sandals!

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