Day 23… Inner Cries and Inner Tears (July 8)

There are many people dedicated to the health and well being of the runners.  I had the good fortune on Sunday of being able to speak with Mario and Mitch, who are perhaps the backbone of medical at the 3100 but of course there are others as well.

Mario: “This is a spiritual race.  The people here are bringing more light to the rest of humanity with this race.  Being in this race is an honor. The runners represent all of humanity.”  He feels that by helping the runners keep going then all the world benefits with more light.  Any one who assists here is helping the runners bring more light into the world.

Mitch: “The runners are on a much much more different plane than almost all human beings.”  The race of course has been called the Mount Everest of distance races.  It is so an extraordinary event that whenever someone comes by they can see the light in the runners.  “They can’t believe it.  It is so mind boggling that anyone could run 60 plus miles a day for 52 days.”

“What I do is reagline the spine so that messages can come from the runner’s brain down to their core.  I helped one runner who was suffering from sciatica.  He is doing better now that I removed a pinched nerve.”

Mitch also says that all the runners will inevitably be in pain.  Suffering for them however is an option.  “The pain is always there.  It is a very strange .58 mile course.”

For him working on the runners he feels is a gift.  “I get motivated.  I get excited.  It is awe inspiring and also to be able to work with gifted healers like Mario.”

Mario:  “We ask the runners, do not quit this race.  Do as much as you can.”  When the runners are struggling he says, “we try and give the torch back to them.  It get the light, and you get the light, everybody gets the light, all humanity gets the light.   It is a blessing for me to be here, and get light from the runners.”

Matt Green interview

With friends Peter and Jason circling the course

The Board at the Start of Day 23

Camp early

Ashprihanal stretches


Ashprihanal looking for a yogurt


Jadranka counting

Rupantar’s daily video


Ushika looking at the daily sponsor




Start Day 23

Drizzle at times

Sanjay Rawhal, the director and filmmaker of 3100 Run and Become displays the award for Best Director at the Varna Bulgaia International Rec Cross film festival.  The award was announced June 17, 2019.

Ashprihanal has 1463 miles

He ran 69 miles yesterday

Standing out in the crowd

He leads Nirbhasa by 32 miles

Day 23


new shoes cut

Nirbhasa has 1431 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

With Yahva


33 miles ahead of Vasu

A leaf


Vasu has 1398 miles

He ran 66 miles yesterday

He leads Smarana by 18 miles



Smarana has 1380 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

Leads Ananda-Lahari by 16 miles

69 miles ahead of the magic number


Nirjharini checks with Smarana about how his menu is working


Ananda-Lahari has 1364 miles

He did 53 miles yesterday

Is 32 miles ahead of Harita

53 miles ahead of the magic number


Matt and friends being shown by Sanyogita Sri Chinmoy’s songs created on the spot

Harita has 1332 miles

She ran 63 miles yesterday

She is 17 miles ahead of Todor and 21 miles ahead of the magic number

Doing well


Niccolai with his list

Todor has 1315 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

He is 4 miles over the magic number

A moment

Coming through camp


Sandro’s creation

Ushika has 1178 miles

He did 51 miles yesterday

Mail from Sandro

Finding joy


Nirjaharini’s cooks

Poem of the Day held by Irina

My life-boat plies
My God-invocation-heart
My God-dedication-life.

Sri Chinmoy

July 8th, 2006

A Friend visits

And wants to stay

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Always the inner cries
And the inner tears
Have to be kept
In good health.

5 Comments to “Day 23… Inner Cries and Inner Tears (July 8)”

  1. Nidhruvi says:

    Dear Mario and Mitch, a million gratitude to you for your absolute devoted selfless supreme service to the 3100 mile race!!! Cause of people like you this race is possible! We runners know that! Never stop doing this great work!:):) Nidhruvi

  2. Nirmala says:

    I am speechless after seeing all the nice videos, pictures and poems.

  3. kaushalya says:

    Great report — significant words in that interview with Mario and Mitch, Mitch and Mario.
    Gratitude to all the players in this cosmic event.

  4. nirmala says:

    There shall come a time
    When all feet will proudly tread
    The oneness-peace-road.

    Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants

    What a vision! Our feet are much more able to do, these runners are the prove.

  5. kaushalya says:

    Poetry must be in the air! I just looked at the perennial calendar aphorism for July 10, and here it is — so appropriate.

    The supreme secret
    Of a peaceful life:
    Expect not, just give.
    Delegate not:
    Just start and continue.
    Retire not;
    Just aspire for self-transcendence.

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