Day 21… Today’s Reality (July 6)

Whenever I try and talk about Ashprihanal, I somehow cannot help but get tripped up by the sheer volume of numbers associated with his accomplishments.  Even a casual glimpse at the number of races he has entered, wins, records, mileage, and the totality of a competitive career that appears little dimmed even as he has entered the 3100 mile race for the 15th time at age 48.

What is also incomprehensible is his manner of running.  Or perhaps it could be better described as more like flying in a low earth orbit.  If you watch for just a moment it might impress you as being awkward.  Gaze for just a little longer and you can see the endless poetry of his movements in which no verse is ever repeated.

Yesterday he had a very good day with 129 laps of the course which is a little over 70 miles.  Now you runners do your own math.  How many of you have ever had even one day of 70 miles?

“Yesterday was good.  I finally got rid of my stomach problems.” Ashprihanal says that to put together back to back good days then everything has to be in sync for him.  “Sometimes it is one good day, one bad day, then one good day.  You don’t really know.”

He says that a big mileage day is not always a good day, “It can be a very tough day.  Or it can be a fairly easy day.  It is not the laps or the amount of mileage, it is the feeling.  The energy you have.  That is what matters the most.”

“Your frame of mind is often the most difficult also.”  Something, he laughs as he mentions the idea, he feels he has little control over.

We come close to the Enthusiasm Awakeners who are still singing.  “They are great.  My first half hour you are just starting to wake up.”  He says that their cheerful singing can often give him something to look forward to all day. “They come and it gives us enthusiasm and wakes us up.  It starts my day.”

“In 2006 Sri Chinmoy used to come by and wrote them new songs every morning, and then he continued into 2007.  It was nice.”

Ashprihanal says that to inspire himself he sometimes imagines Sri Chinmoy visiting the race and handing him a prasad treat.  Something he did very often over the years and particularly in 2007.

The Board at the Start of Day 21

Camp early


Ashprihanal stretching

Rupantar does his daily video

Jadranka sets up counting



Ananda-Lahari drops off his dirty laundry

Smarana arrives

Ushika and Nirbhasa

A last quick sip

Start Day 21

A beautiful morning

Conversation with Jimmy Gennaro

Asprihanal has 1327 miles

He ran 70 miles yesterday

He leads Nirbhasa by 27 miles

Traffic jam


Stota’s birthday

Nirbhasa has 1300 miles.  He was inspired to stay later last night when he learned it was possible.

He ran 66 miles his most since day 4

Demonstrating what the high humidity does to his skin

He leads Vasu by 29 miles


Sponsors for today

Vasu has 1271 miles

He ran 68 miles yesterday

With Niccolae exercising

Todor working on his feet

Practicing his daily strengthening exercises and stretches

Leads Smarana by 7 miles


“I sure am glad my counting shift is over.  That was a long 2 hours.”

Smarana has 1264 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

He leads Ananda-Lahari by 12 miles

Passing through camp


Poem on the sidewalk

Ananda-Lahari has 1252 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

Staying hydrated


Harita has 1206 miles

She ran 63 miles yesterday

She is 74 miles above the magic number and leads Todor by 7 miles


Suhasini ran the 2 mile race today

Todor has 1199 miles

He ran 57 miles yesterday

He is 67 miles above the magic number

Doing well



Ushika has 1077 miles

He ran 49 miles yesterday

With Max


Jimmy and Wendy hold the Daily Poem

My mind is
Utterly absent
Of self-doubt.

Sri Chinmoy

July 6th, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

I belong to
Today’s reality
And not tomorrow’s dreams.

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  1. Hridayinee Williams says:

    Insightful interviews from Asprihanal and Databir. Thank you! Love the drone views from high above too.

  2. Sushuti says:

    Thank you for your wonderful job, Utpal. You bring out the essence and transport it to the outer world. We take in the essence and feel uplifted.

  3. Utsahi says:

    Every day, through these interviews, photos, humour, we learn to appreciate the beauty and challenges of self-transcendence. You all bring inspiration to our daily lives, tears to our eyes and gratitude to our hearts. Useless to say, the family feeling transpires through all these everyday miracles.

    Immense gratitude to you, Utpal and to the family of runners and helpers who so generously participate through their determination and exemplary devotion to the soul-world.

  4. Kedar says:

    Great music, great interviews!

  5. Nirmala says:

    Every day, looking forward to your inspiring reports.

  6. Sopan says:

    Thank you, Utpal for the great reports and photos!

  7. kaushalya says:

    So great to see Ashprihanal looking better.. Poetry in motion for sure. It is such a gift to be so close to the self-transcendence moments. We are included in the journey.

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