Day 20… A Perfect Attitude (July 5)

“We are all here not just to do the 3100 miles.”

In all the usual sporting events there are winners and there are losers.  There are nearly always trophies and prizes but in the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race none of those things are lined up for you once you cross the finish line. (Note there is cake ) Nirbhasa went home last night at midnight with 1233 miles on the board and after completing yet another day of running 64 miles.

His motivation like that of all those who run here is based almost entirely on an experience that takes place within.  That cannot be seen or measured only felt and appreciated on a deeper personal level.

When asked how he felt about his experience here after nearly 3 weeks of continuous running.  “In one way it is kind of nice.  You have definitely done a substantial part of the race.  You basically cannot think about where you really are.  You have to treat every moment as the eternal now.”

“If you start thinking, O I have come so far.  Then you start thinking about how far you still have to go.  That certainly takes a lot of the joy out of it.  You can say we are here to make inner progress.”  Nirbhasa says that part of his strategy is to try and not identify with his mind so much. Instead he tries to identify with something deeper inside himself.  “The only way to do that is to be in the moment, and be happy to be in the moment.”

He laughs as he describes that he is not in prison, marking down his days left to be served.  Though he confesses that there is a part of him that identifies with how nice it would be if he were home tucked into his bed.  “I am trying to go completely beyond that part of the mind, and enjoy being here.”

“The more that you can enjoy it, and the more that you can be here, then the more you can reduce that part of your mind that is reluctant to be here.  The more fulfilling experience you are going to have.”

“It seems that naturally you just have deeper and deeper experiences every time you come back.  You are building on the races that you have done before.  You have deeper experiences, deeper awakenings.  You feel closer to God.  It is something that just happens naturally. I guess our role is to just stay in the moment and enjoy it.”

The Board at the Start of Day 20

Camp early



Rupantar with his daily video

Niriha has brought Chai








Start Day 20

Mostly overcast in the morning

Ashprihanal leads with 1256 miles

He ran the most miles yesterday with 67

He leads Nirbhasa by 23 miles


Anjali and Jadranka

Nirbhasa has 1233 miles

He ran 64 miles

He leads Vasu by 30 miles


Anita and Leila

Vasu has 1203 miles

He ran 61 miles yesterday

He leads Smarana by 3 miles

Turn by the school


Premik and Sahishnu

Smarana has 1200 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

He leads Ananda-Lahari by 9 miles


Salil counting

Ananda-Lahari has 1191 miles

He ran 63 miles yesterday



Harita has 1143 miles (she is 12 miles above the goal)

She ran 61 miles yesterday

The long journey

With Palash

Helper Anita


Anita with a special friend

Todor has 1142 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

With Todor

Day 20



Ushika has 1027 miles

He ran 48 miles yesterday

With Max


Swamiji back with running gear


Garima and Nirjharini

Marin holds the Daily Poem

Running dedication
Knows no enjoying

Sri Chinmoy

July 5th, 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

A perfect attitude
No imperfect day.

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