Day 13… To Believe (June 28)

“I am feeling very good and yesterday was a recharging day.”  Smarana is having a great race and he went home last night after having completed 763 miles over 12 days.

Most of us have a very casual and innocent idea about recharging.  It might include sleeping in, going to the beach, or meeting friends over coffee.  Smarana, does not, nor do any of the other runners, have no access or real interest in what most of us consider relaxation and frivolous time spent.  So in case you wonder what Smarana did to recharge,  he pedaled home on his bicycle at 11pm instead of midnight after running 55 miles.

He says he had been thinking about doing it for a few days and yesterday seemed to be the right time to do it.

“It is very very special to be out here and it is very very special to be here with all the other runners and the helpers.  There is a lofty point of view.  You feel lifted up and supported, and all the runners each has such special qualities.  The more you run with them the more you realize all the special capacities that they have, and their abilities.  You can learn so much from them.”

“Just the other day I was running with Todor, and he was asking, was there ever a time when all the runners finished.  It looks this time like everybody can finish.  It was so nice that he was thinking.”  What impressed Smarana was just how positive Todor was looking at running here.  Instead of focusing on the hardships he was inspiring himself with the best possible outcome for all his fellow runners.

“He has this mental calm and poise and oneness.  So that was very nice for me.  I feel very privileged to be here and to learn.  You are shifted from your normal day to day life and your normal perspective.  You are completely taken out of that.  You have a new playroom to experience things.  It is so nice.”

“It is an amazing opportunity here.  If you can see it like a playground here and have new experiences.  What has changed for me over the years is that in my first 7 races my approach sometimes, I have to say, is that I pushed with brute force.”

“But I really wanted to change and have a more joyful approach to the race. Naturally I have an intrinsic trait that says you push and you suffer.  It has taken me a while to transform and transcend it.” Smarana feels that his last 2 attempts at the race were opportunities to change his attitude and experience here.  He feels more flexible and more joyful.  He calls this approach a joyous way.

The Board at the Start of Day 13

Still early

Vajra nearly finished

Ashprihanal arrives

Garima has collected fresh grass for Vasu’s feet

Kodanda plays

Garima and Harita


Vasu arrives

Vanaraja counting

Start Day 13

It is going to be hot

Ashprihanal has 817 miles

He ran 71 miles yesterday

He leads Nirbhasa by 33 miles

Mail time


Posters made yesterday by Jason and Shines children

Nirbhasa has 784 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

He introduces Garima to his sister who he was talking to on face time

Doing very well



Vasu has 775 miles

Still dealing with blisters and Achilles problems he did 52 miles yesterday

Sahishnu encouraging

A pack


Smarana has 763 miles

He did 55 miles yesterday

Getting a big pile of mail.  Most of it from Sandro.



Ananda-Lahari has 754 miles

He did 64 miles yesterday

Putting cream on his legs

Running well


Morning snack

Ushika has 710 miles

He did 49 miles yesterday and is dealing with shinsplints

Getting oil put on by Max

Fresh batch of mail



Max practicing mudras

Todor has 706 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

Doing well


Ray with a Sri Chinmoy 4oth anniversary Tshirt

Harita has 705 miles

She ran 61 miles yesterday

Doing well


“I am sorry, are we going up or down hill today.”

“Thanks for stopping by Ray.”

Poem of the Day held by Anjali

Earth servers


God’s Heart-Climbers

Sri Chinmoy

June 28th 2006

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Not to believe
Is to invite

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  1. kuladhara says:

    Thank you a million!
    Just one request, only if it is not too much trouble for you, I really liked listening to the daily poems recited by different people. It might be just me, I don’t know.

  2. Kedar says:

    Yes, I agree… and please check why the second webcam showing the result board, has been taken away, such a pity.

  3. Johannes Mikenda says:

    Thank you so much, your Videos and interviews are brilliant, every morning I am looking forward to read, listen and get inspired.
    This race is beyond my imagination and following in that quality this year helps me to Progress on my inner Journey.

    Thank you and please keep going.


  4. kaushalya says:

    Best news in the world– a great antidote to all the unfortunate news of the moment. Self-transcendence 3100 is saving the summer, and we love the interviews specially.

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