Day 12… The Inner Journey (June 27)

It is possible to imagine that if Todor’s current life was edited down to something simpler and shorter you could easily picture that he had already achieved a great victory.  That in his 11 days of running here he has gone farther and longer than he has ever run before.

But of course this mini version of Self-Transcendence is not what is pushing todor to continue to run for 18 hours a day.  For Todor, like all the runners here have their sights set on a finish line that is still almost 2500 miles away.  There are many many more days of running left for everyone here. The goal is in sight for no one on this hot June day.  Maybe when the calendar peels away another 2 pages and it becomes  August.

“It is amazing how fast the race is going.  I have seen so many things.  It is really unbelievable.  I have already run many kilometers.  Yesterday I was glad when I reached 1,000 kilometers.  In this case I have improved my personal best which was 707 kilometers.  In this case I have transcended myself.”

“I hope I can extend this self transcendence much more and much deeper.  Step by step.  Rome was not built in a day.  At the same time I am trying not to think too much about it or be obsessed with it.  My body and mind have to adapt to the situation here.  I am trying not to push myself. Keep moving forward.” So far Todor’s adjustment to the tempo and rhythm of the race has been stellar.

“I want to be just glad and happy that I am here.  My goal is to just keep going.”

Todor has benefited greatly by have a good helper also named Todor.  “It is quite important not to be alone in such a competition.”  In all his previous races Todor did not have a helper.  “With a helper you can get help without losing any time.”

He goes over the amount of time it takes to grab a cup of water as just a few seconds when you are on your own.  But once a helper comes and offers you a cup while you continue to run you can save valuable  time, which becomes substantial over 5649 laps.

“It helps you a lot and also when my helper encourages me when I am feeling low.  There is a lot of pressure and you have to do so much mileage.  You have some ups and downs.  In the moment when you are at your lowest the helper can help you and overcome the situation faster. ”

“For me in the 3100 Self-Transcendence race it is a very important role to have a helper.  I am very glad that I have one.”

The Board at the start of day 12





Ashprihanal stretching

Rupantar bringing ice

Vajra unloading water


Ray wakes up

Harita in Pragati’s car

Ushika having yogurt


Harita puts on her shoes

Start Day 12

It is going to be a hot day

Ashprihanal has 745 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

He is 23 miles ahead of Vasu

Running well

Jason and Shines and their 2 kids have come to enjoy the race


Vasu has 722 miles

He ran 51 miles yesterday

Getting help from Vajra early

Garima applying grass to his foot

Still smiling


Casting a big shadow

Nirbhasa has 720 miles

He did 63 miles yesterday

Doing well


Smarana has 707 miles

Smarana ran 64 miles yesterday

Running well


Ray and Sahishnu

Ananda-Lahari has 689 miles

He ran 58 miles yesterday

Keeping hydrated

Running well



“I heard there were nuts.  Hand me a number and I am ready to run.”

Ushika has 661 miles

He did 59 miles

Doing well


Cooks with snacks

Todor has 645 miles

He ran 59 miles yesterday

Working on shoes

Go Go Todor


Rupantar and Todro

Harita has 644 miles

She ran 60 miles yesterday

Harita don’t give up sign

The golden path


Nirjharini and Bahula

Poem of the day held by Niriha

Many fans of the Enthusiasm Awakeners

Enthusiasm Awakeners

The longest journey
Is always
The inner journey.
This journey knows no beginning
And no end.

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  1. Ruta Mazelis says:

    Deepest gratitude for providing this connection between the community created for the run – the runners and all those who make this event succeed – and those of us so deeply moved and inspired on a daily basis. I have finished many ultramarathons, yet every day I come here and shake my head and my eyes get teary with inspiration. I am enchanted by the spirit. Thank you everyone.

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