Day 10… Upon The Summit (June 25 )

“A few things have to come together.”  This is Nirbhasa’s 3rd time at the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race and with each entrance he has improved his performance.  As for which years that he able to take part, basically the ducks have to line up in his very demanding outer life to make it possible.

Photo by Sri Chinmoy Ultra Race Photos

To know even a little of Nirbhasa’s back story is to realize immediately that he leads several full and demanding lives simultaneously and there would seem to be little room for the kind of distance training necessary in order to compete here.  And yet here he is after 9 days with 593 miles in 3rd place.

When asked if he needs a year off to recover after the previous races he says, not now, but maybe after his first race in 2015.

“Every race is different.  I guess it is like meditation.  With meditation the more you progress the more you want you inner understanding to be deeper and deeper.  That is what I feel about the race as well.  Every time I come each time the race is more of an inner spiritual adventure than it is an outer race.”

“That component becomes deeper.  I am able to engage more on that level.”

Nirbhasa, like all the runners actively pushes away negative thoughts and feelings.  “There is an old saying that morning shows the day, so I always try and get out in as good a frame of mind as possible.  You know be happy and cheerful.  If you are not in that frame of mind when by the time you get out on the course than you really have to apply yourself in the first few laps in order to get to that frame of mind.  Because it is crucial to how the rest of the day is going to turn out.”

When asked who is driving his car.  “Well there is definitely an element that you are really reliant on your soul or something deeper within you to do the race.  More and more often I find myself less pushing and pulling mentally.  Instead trying to connect to this inner source.”

“Once you are connected then you kind of feel that whatever happens you are not pushing and pulling.  And so you are cheerful whatever the result is.”

The Board at the start of Day 10

Still early

Runners will soon arrive





It is going to rain soon

Taking it easy

Harita and Suhasini

Looking for shoes

Start Day 10

Dipali’s Race Tips

It will soon rain heavily and then be clear for most of the day

Vasu has 624 miles

He ran 65 miles yesterday

Getting help early from Vajra

He leads Ashprihanal by 13 miles


Ray K shows directions used in the NYC 4 borough race

Ashprihanal has 611 miles

He ran 71 miles yesterday

He leads Nirbhasa by 18 miles

Running well



Nirbhasa has 593 miles

He ran 64 miles yesterday

He leads Smarana by 13 miles




Smarana has 580 miles

He ran 60 miles yesterday

He leads Ananda-Lahari by 8 miles




Ananda-Lahari has 572 miles

He ran 55 miles yesterday



Ushika has 541 miles

He ran 61 miles yesterday



Todor has 525 miles

He ran 61 miles yesterday

He leads Harita by 3 miles



Harita has 522 miles

She ran 60 miles yesterday

Ice bath for her feet

Doing well


Voting day at the school

Poem of the Day held by Suhasini

Enthusiasm Awakeners

There is no real joy
Unless and until
We can fix our gaze
Upon the Summit.

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  1. Laura says:

    Thanks Uptal.
    Ushika’s shoe covers are very interesting. I haven’t seen quite like that before.

  2. Ambarish Keenan says:

    Great interview with Nirbhasa. Having to dig deep to get up in the morning, dig deep to get into right frame of mind so as to set up his day in the best way possible. Soul searching….. (there’s something in this for all of us)

    Utpal, fantastic video work – I love the chalk prayer touch on the footpath and your inspiring summary sign-off while on your knees. Brilliant!

  3. kuladhara says:

    Great job!

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