Month: July 2018

  • Dy 25… Real Fulfillment (July 11)

    Harita has been on the road with the Peace Run now since early spring.  She and the team have carried the Peace torch across the country and she has enjoyed serving a project that impacts thousands and thousands of people as it makes it way, not just across the US but also around the world.  […]

  • Day 24… Opened Many Doors (July 10)

    There are many people over the years who have made significant contributions to the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team races.  Who have worked behind the scenes to make sure that all the runners are served in the best possible way and are able to have a positive experience. The team simply would not be able to […]

  • Day 23… As Simple As Possible (July 9)

    There is a kind of silence and tranquility about William’s running.  Occasionally there might be a hard set to his jaw but his steps are always light and his pace almost precise and clock work efficient.   A veteran of many many ultra races he is a consummate endurance athlete.  No bravado, no hype, just get […]

  • Day 22… My Dream (July 8)

    There are many many moments during this long hard race that I will have a conversation that I find to be unbelievable.  I am perplexed that an exhausted runner, who is in pain says something so beautiful and so positive my mind has a difficult time of taking it all in. At the same time, […]

  • Day 21…Step By Step (July 7)

    “Not easy in the morning but everything good, very good.”  There are many days when I wish I could emulate Vasu’s unblinking optimism and devotion.  Here now running for the past 20 days I have never heard one bad word or even a hint of a negative expression. He starts the day having already run […]

  • Day 20… Go For It (July 6)

    “Yesterday I had a flickering battery which finally went dead.”  I saw Smarana mid morning yesterday and he was not looking good.  He decided that the best thing he could do under the circumstances was to simply go home and take a real break from the course.  5 hours off and he says, “it was […]

  • Day 19… A Day With More Smiles (July 5)

    “It has been a very difficult voyage here.” Here on the 19th day of the race Kobi’s voyage, despite the some time choppy waters has taken him much further than he has ever run before.  He starts day 19 with 1253 miles and for the record he is accumulating new Israeli distance standards all along […]

  • Day 18…Come Together As One

    “Today I feel so much better about being here.  I own this course.” “In the last few days I let a lot of things and excuses get in the way of my performance.  Something clicked last night.  I was still behind the pace but I wanted to make it to 1,000 miles.  I had 3 […]

  • Day 17… Every Day Is Grace (July 3)

    “I don’t want to think of the days to come or the days that have passed.”  This morning as I am running with Sopan he is literally living almost entirely in the moment.  A state that most of us aspire for at least at some point in our days but one that rarely happens to […]

  • Day 16… Help Each Other (July 2)

    To call the 3100 mile race just an endurance competition would be an understatement.  Certainly each runner athlete is trying to achieve an almost impossible goal.  There is also the camaraderie and the bond that builds and exists between this very tight community of runners.  One which is all about support for one another and […]