Month: July 2018

  • Day 35… My Life Is Here (July 21)

    Kobi Oren, after several thousand miles and 34 days of running continues to surprise and amaze me.  His focused efforts in the hours he is running on the course is always swift and always powerful. At the same time he is able to give a clear and delicate interpretation to the mystical side of the […]

  • Day 34… Gratitude Everywhere (July 20)

    Kaneenika jokes this morning as she reaches the corner where are interview is to take place.  “It is too bad I couldn’t take a shortcut to avoid you.” Of course over the past 33 days she has not cut any corners, shirked her responsibilities, or failed in any way to dedicate herself tirelessly to this […]

  • Day 33… Progress Inside (July 19)

    “I still need to work to get to the finish line.” Vasu’s long endless summer of running is now drawing closer and closer to a sweet conclusion.  Over the last 32 days he has run 2212 miles and so now has less than 900 more to go. Something, at the pace he is currently running, […]

  • Day 32… Best You Can (July 18)

    It is easy to be impressed when someone accomplishes a great achievement.  But it is even more inspiring when you can also become aware of the inner strength of that same person.  The true and most significant qualities that are immeasurable and yet are the most important part of any act of self transcendence. 4 […]

  • Day 31… Transformation of Nature (July 17)

    From the very instant the race starts time starts to disappear.  Yes on day one, 52 days looks like a giant piggy bank filled to overflowing with time.  A runner at the start tries to gather up as many extra miles as they can.  Knowing full well that bad days, ones in which you were […]

  • Day 30… More Spiritual (July 16)

    “I have no expectations, it is all the Supreme’s grace.”  Sopan humbly answered to my congratulations this morning on his great achievement thus far in the race.  “I feel that there is a force that makes everything work out.  I just try my best.” “My first race was 2005, 13 years ago, quite a while […]

  • Day 29… This Kind Of Focus (July 15)

    “It takes time for everybody to get used to it.  You are here all day every day, and you are not in very comfortable conditions.  In terms of pain and tiredness.   Somehow you get used to it and it is easier.” Ananda-Lahari is describing that it takes the runners sometimes weeks to get used to […]

  • Day 28… Prayer Works (July 14)

    “When they first told me the course was not flat I could not believe it.” Of course there a very select few who have had the opportunity like she has to circle the half mile block around Thomas Edison High school thousands and thousands of times.  Not just intimately understanding differentials in elevation but also […]

  • Day 27… Completely New Journey (July 13)

    “I feel very very good.  I am very blessed.  I think it is getting better and better.  I can say I feel very good every day.” If one were just looking at the scoreboard it would appear that Ushika is doing spectacularly well.  Yesterday  he ran 64 miles the most he has run since the […]

  • Day 26… One Big Family (July 12)

    Feeding the 3100 mile runners is no easy task and yet Nirjharini has been the head cook now of the race for the past 15 years.  Creating individual dishes specifically for each runner’s needs and appetites is a herculean task.  Now imagine this responsibility spread out over an 18 hour day.  Ensuring that each athlete […]