Day 13…Inner Light (June 29)

“Yesterday 2 full thunderstorms with full power, and also super humid.   Now we change to extreme heat.”  Ushika of course is describing conditions at the 3100 mile race.  A rather shocking wake up call to the kind of conditions that now lay before the runners for the next 39 days.  In other words welcome to a typical New York summer.

To his credit Ushika has had a superb start to the race.  In speaking with Ushika this morning at the start of day 13 I ask if he is prepared for these kind of conditions.  “We will see.  I have not gone through it yet.”

As for his race so far he says, “By God’s grace it is getting better and better.  I am finding it easier to run. Sometimes it feels effortless.”  The main concern for all of the runners is of course making their daily miles.  For him he finds that just being able to do so is a miracle.  “I couldn’t do it during the 10 day race such mileage.”

His focus every day is to reach 109 laps.  “But I don’t push it to get there.  I had a couple of days with much less miles the first week.  He also is happy that when he didn’t reach the mark on those days earlier in the race his mind was not disturbed.  I remember other races when I was more concerned.  But this time my mind kept totally quiet.  Basically I focus on just going around and around.”

Ushika says the reason he is so much more successful here at the 3100 is the inner light. “You feel it.  It creates all the miracles that happen.  I feel that every day that I am able to appear at the starting line as a miracle.  Every day that I am able to cross the finish line in the evening is a miracle.  And every day that I reach the mileage goal is beyond a miracle.”

The board at the start of Day 13

Many runners had difficulty adjusting to the periods of heavy rain yesterday

Kobi starting the day off with help from Vajra

The camp early

Rupantar taking down the rain canopies

Yolanda arrives


William is dropped off

Rupantar putting up the sponsor’s name

Yolanda greets Surasa

Ushika inspects Max’s bike

Smarana checks the extreme heat suggestions

Kobi returns from his massage

Ushika adjusts his clothes

Kaneeninka ties her shoes

Start of Day 13

It is going to be very hot for the next 4 days

The course is pleasant at least for the morning

Kobi ran 67 miles yesterday.   His first day under 70 miles

He now has 882 miles

Cris is his morning helper.

Himangshu is trying to repair his shoes


Larisa counting

Vasu ran 66 miles (with Alexei)

He now has 867 miles, 15 behind Kobi

Vasu knows the race very well.

Green leaves

Smarana had a good day with 63 miles

He now has 764 miles

Going through camp


Surasa did 61 miles

She now has 750 miles


William did 60 miles

He now has 744 miles

With helper Alan Young

After another successful joke


Yolanda did 53 miles yesterday

Yolanda has 718 miles

Bahula helping with her feet which took a beating with yesterdays heavy rain

Miles of smiles


Everyone is encouraged to drink lots of fluids

Sopan did 60 miles

Sopan has 716 miles

Green leaves

Ushika did 62 miles

He now has 716 miles

With Patanga

With Max applying oil to his shoulders

On day 13


Team Ushika

Kaneenika had a tremendous recovery day yesterday and ran 63 miles

She now has 705 miles

Changing shoes seems to have helped

She has done well in the heat before


Ananda-Lahari did 50 miles

He now has 692 miles


“I really love watching this event but the seating is just terrible.”

Nilpushpi and a special guest read the daily Poem

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Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Is the inner light
And the outer light as well.

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