Day 12…Challenge Yourself (June 28)

“The overwhelming feeling was relief.  Coming back from so far was a relief.  It was the overwhelming emotion.” William Sichel in now into his 12 day of running at the 3100 mile race and he remembers the feelings very strongly of when he last ran this race in 2014.

It was an incredible achievement not just for a runner who was 60 years old at the time,  but any runner.  He was more than 70 miles off the pace and with miraculous determination snatched back enough laps each day to ultimately complete the distance in 50 days and 15 hours.

For the past few years as he has matured in age William has set his sites on accumulating as many records as he can.  When asked how many he received from his efforts here in 2014 he says can’t remember the number,  It was 200 and something he says.  His reasons for focusing on gaining records he says in part are due to simply trying to motivate himself.  “It gives me long term goals to aim for.”

William says he has no plans for retirement any time soon, though he jokes that he might not be doing the 3100 again any time soon. (laughs)

Besides the records, more importantly he says, “I have become who I am through running.  Personality wise and everything really.  I envisage running until I can’t.

William says that he has many people around the world who are being motivated and inspired by his running this years race.  He hopes they will take up their own challenges while he runs in the 3100.  “People are doing anything that challenges them.”

“I have always thought, and it applies to me and everyone.  You can always do a bit more than you think you can.  I have applied that throughout my running career.  I believe that virtually every single person can do a bit more than they think they can.  I think it is a useful thing to keep in mind.”

The board at the start of Day 12

Getting ready

Vajra working on Kob

The weather

Dipali’s race tips

Kaneenika arrives

Yolanda checks her phone

Vajra leaves

A little time left

Ushika arrives




Start Day 12

Heavy thunder showers will come off and on throughout the day

Kobi did 71 miles yesterday

He now has 814 miles

Chris is helping him this morning

He leads Vasu by 14 miles


Vasu ran 67 miles

He starts the day with 800 miles

Alexei working on Vasu’s shoes


Smarana ran 60 miles

He has 701 miles

Telling a joke with Aharan


Surasa did 61 miles

Surasa has 688 miles


William did 64 miles

He now has 683 miles

With Alan

William accessorizing Williams sandwich


Yolanda did 63 miles

Bahula working on her feet

She has 665 miles

Miles of smiles


Sopan did 60 miles

He has 655 miles

Doing well

Green leaves

Ushika did 61 miles

He now has 654 miles

Patanga is helping

Conditions will be extreme off and on all day


Kaneenika did 50 miles

She now has 642 miles

Will be changing shoes

Martina helping


Ananda-Lahari did 54 miles

He now has 643 miles

A brief shoe issue

The dark wet morning


Harita is home from the Peace Run for a few weeks


Pushkar reads the Daily poem

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Poem pushkar

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Challenges awaken
The sleeping power
Within us.

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  1. bhakati says:

    thank you for the consolation and inspiration.

  2. Parvati says:

    Thanks for sharing William’s story — very inspiring, even for us non-athletes! “Every single person can all do a bit more than they think they can…”

    I am wondering if you could do a “day in the life of Vajra” article one day? When I get out to the race course by 6:30 am, he has already spent several hours out there collecting bags (and bags!) of litter along the course and setting up. To me, a true —and silent!—hero of the SCMT. I’d love to hear more about him and his own history (I believe he was a relay team member of an multi-state run as early as 1976?) as well as what he is doing every day for the 3100.

  3. kaushalya casey says:

    Life lessons for us every day! This really saves the summer — thank you so much, Utpal

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