Day 7…To Transcend Ourselves (June 23)

Yolanda had a great Day 6.  She walked 63 miles 115 laps.  She doesn’t want to get behind the pace as she did last year when she at one point had fallen more than 40 miles off the pace.

She says of her many supporters who have dedicated themselves to her 52 day challenge, “It motivates me to know that you are doing it too.  Stay strong and stay positive.”


Please note that though the day number shows a 6 this is actually the board for the start of Day 7.

Vajra working on one of the 2 broken generators

Yolanda putting on her shoes

Her hat is accurate

William reading who has sponsored the race for the day. It turns out to be Alan Young his handler who’s 65th birthday is today

Surasa arrives


Head stand



Surasa gets a drink

Kaneenika arrives


William checks his phone


Vasu arrives

Start Day 7

Vasu ran 73 miles

He starts the day with 453 miles

He starts the day with a 1 mile lead over Kobi

Vasu trying to inspire Yolanda early in the morning


Pranjal, a veteran of the 3100 has been here most of the week helping.  He leaves to return to Slovakia today

Kobi ran a remarkable 75 miles, his most since day 1

He has 452 miles

He has a great helper in Evelyn


Smarana ran 53 miles

Strong legs

He has 386 miles

His helper Aharan

Getting an email from Sahishnu


Pushkar another race veteran counting


Sopan had 57 miles

He now has 378 miles


Surasa did 62 miles

She has 376 miles

Her team


Ananda-Lahari had 61 miles

He now has 370 miles

Running well

A flower

William clearly back in form ran 65 miles

He has 370 miles

William coming through camp


Kaneenika did 60 miles

She has 362 miles

Coming through camp with Dipali

There are only 3 winners

A bit of green

Ushika did 54 miles

He has 353 miles

Green leaves

Yolanda had a great day with 63.

Her 6 day total is 351 miles.  She is with Vladamir who runs the course in the opposite direction most mornings


Nirjharini has a cake for Alan’s 65th birthday

Kobi stops to take a picture

Birthday songs are sung

A gift from William of an enormous pair of white pants

William enjoying the brief break

“Bill, when will this stop.  A bird needs some peace and quiet when he is having breakfast.”

Daily poem read by Savita

Click to Play:

poem savita

Enthusiasm Awakeners

Click to Play:


How can we transcend ourselves
If we do not challenge
Our capacities?

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  1. Kamaneeya says:

    Happy birthday Alan 🙂

  2. Purnakama says:

    Great inspiration to start the morning!

    Thanks Utpal!


  3. Jadranka says:

    All the best for your Soul’s Day Alan, nice to see you at the Race this time with William!

  4. Casey Kramer says:

    Wonderful update. I was very moved by the poem at the end by Sri Chinmoy. And as always, I love seeing the flowers and photos of nature that you find along the course. Thanks again for your dedication. It’s inspiring to those of us who cannot be at the course to see the event unfold.

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