Day 23…Intensify Your Inner Cry (July 10)

A conversation with Ananda-Lahari as he makes his way around the course is always for me a great wake up call.  A crystal clear reminder of how beautiful and simple life can be when you dedicate yourself, as he has done now for 13 years, to the 3100 mile race.  Doing some pretty basic math, that means by the time August rolls around he will have spent nearly 2 years of his life going around the loop.  Doing one of the simplest things a human body can do, move forward.

It is a journey that he seems to never grow tired of, refrains from complaining audibly, though I am pretty sure his love of the course and the event is such that the grumbling words are not there any way.  He seems to have an almost complete absence of negativity of any kind.  He seems to be simply immune to such negative thoughts and feelings.  Thus they can find nothing to cling to, either in his mind or in his heart.

I asked him this morning if some days are better than others.  “Yes, just like in life.  Some days are better and some are worse.”  I follow this up with what makes a bad day.  He ponders this for a moment.  “We have to go beyond.  Actually there are no bad days.  So I was wrong. (smiles) There is only a wrong attitude.”

As for what makes a good day, “when I can cry sleeplessly for God.” He doesn’t know for sure what stops all of us from summoning this cry.  He says it must be our own ignorance.

He experiences it most profoundly here and says that when he is not at the race he cannot invoke it in the same way.  “This is the place where it intensifies your inner cry.  The race really helps me to focus on the things that are important in life.”

Ananda-Lahari says for all of us our goal should be to find our true selves.  “To dive deep within and bring forward our good qualities which are inside.  Which are peace, love, and joy.  These kind of things.  To feel God inside you.”  He feels that our lives should not be based always on our outer circumstances.  Though we of course have to take care of all significant responsibilities, such as work and family.

“I love the philosophy of Sri Chinmoy and I try to fully identify with it.  As I understand it, and as I have read in his books.  Is that we should not worry about our bad qualities, instead we should concentrate on what is good in us.  Try to cultivate it and focus on it and there may then be one little spark.  This spark may grow and then illumine the things in us.”

“I like this idea and I am trying to live by this.  It gives me joy.”

If we do not intensify
Our inner cry,
How can our heart fly
In Infinity’s sky?

The board at the start of Day 23


Hats on a table



Pouring drinks

Sergey arrives



Yolanda waits


Sergey checks the numbers







foot massage

The walk

Nearly time

Start Day 23

Into the sun

A beautiful day

Vasu had a big day with 68 miles 125 laps

With Caspar


Reading his mail

he now has 1487 miles


Nirbhasa had 65 miles 120 laps

Does jokes with Smarana

He now has 1431 miles


Kaneenika had 61 miles 112 laps

With Suhasini

She has 1387 miles


Smarana had 61 miles 112 laps

Telling jokes


He now has 1362 miles


Yolanda with one of the runners who comes most days

She has 59 miles 109 laps

She has 1318 miles

With Vladimir who runs the infield every morning


Harita had 59 miles 109 laps

Now has 1317 miles

Had 4 long days with shinsplints

Jokes with Nidhruvi

Doing very well


Sergey had a good day with 63 miles 116 laps

He now has 1267 miles


Andrey had 57 miles 104 laps

By the playground where he gets joy

He has 1249 miles

Into the sun

A bit of green

Nidhruvi had 52 miles 95 laps

She has 1185 miles



The long way

Bee happy

Ananda-Lahari had 46 miles 84 laps

He now has 1122 miles

Golden Dreams




Hand massage


In order to eliminate birds from taking the snacks a local guard has been put in service

Parvati watering the gardens

Cabbage etiquette

Prapti leaves tomorrow

“It is really hard to go.  I wish I could give you the actual words to articulate why.  I have had such a beautiful time here.”

“Even in the morning and I am here for 15 minutes something happens, and it changes your perspective on things in such a beautiful way.”

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Niriha reads the Daily Prayer

*She also took note that including helpers this morning 11 different nationalities are represented at the race this morning*

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poem niriha

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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You will not be able to arrive
At the mountaintop-aspiration-height
If you do not intensify
Your heart’s inner cries.

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  1. Ambarish says:

    Thanks Utpal.

    Beautiful and well spoken words from Ananda-Lahiri.


  2. Ksenia says:

    Greatest report as always)!
    Just one note – picture (text)jokes are never recognisable, they are too small. Can see the mouse book name but can`t read what the kitty holds;)

  3. Sharani says:

    humbly taking it in – thanks so much for another interview with Ananda-Lahari – such a blessing to watch these videos and listen to the audio clips and feel as if light is spreading everywhere from every facet of the race. It comes right through the screen and leaves us changed like Prapti said.

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