Day 20…Inside The Dream (July 7)

Just last year Yuri was running the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race for his 4th straight year.  In what was perhaps an unexpected turn of events, Yuri won the race in 46 days and 1 hour.  In another unexpected turn of events he is once again back here at the race but this time as an early morning set up man.

Before the sun peaks its light over the rim of Thomas Edison High school he is pulling chairs and gear out of the trailers and getting the camp ready for a long long day for the 10 runners entered in this years race.

*Translation by Lyalya*

For me each time we have talked over the years he usually speaks from a mystical perspective.  One, not unattached or fully removed from the push and pull of the every day physical challenge.  Yet at the same time he yearns tirelessly for the divine.  Putting more emphasis on the challenges to his heart and of course the rewards of looking within first while moving along as quickly as possible.

This morning when we talked again after he had finished setting up I asked him if he had any mystical experiences so far this year on the sidelines.  He smiled at me and said no.  Those have to be earned.

“This is a dream of Sri Chinmoy this race.  It is a unique race. Last year I was inside this dream and this year I am watching from outside.  I am observing the runners.  How they change.  How they move.  This is an amazing experience.”

“To be a runner here is to be inside the life, and right next to Sri Chinmoy.  But when you are a helper like I am this year you are an observer.”

When asked if he will be back next year.  “This is my dream.  I really want to.”

As for what he has learned over the 12,400 miles he has run here.  “You have to love God.  You have to love him very sincerely, very deeply, and very devotedly.”

It is not a difficult task
To make my Lord Supreme happy.
He just asks me to smile and smile,
And never to stop.

The board at the start of Day 20

Yuri here early

Is a misty morning

Alan an early shift man himself

Fence inspiration

Vajra also early and leaves before 6

The runners will be here soon

Nidhruvi, Harita, and Kaneenika

Stutisheel here with the regulars

Getting closer

Kodanda and Gints serenading

Vasu arrives

Yuri cleaning

The girls

Nirbhasa arrives

Suhasini working on Harita’s ankle support

Start Day 20

A dull grey misty morning

Vasu did 65 miles 119 laps

Getting help from Sasha

He now has 1290 miles

He is doing well

He is 52 miles ahead of Nirbhasa


Nirbhasa did 63 miles 115 laps

He now has 1238 miles

Telling an Irish joke

Running with Arpan

A bit of green

Counters staying dry

Kaneenika ran 64 miles 117 laps

She has 1198 miles

Getting help from Jumagul

Running well today

352 miles more to half way

A bit of green

Smarana did 60 miles 110 laps

He now has 1173 miles

Daily mail


Harita did 54 miles 100 laps

She now has 1140 miles

Telling jokes with Nidhruvi

Getting help from Katya


Yolanda did 57 miles 105 laps

She started the day with 1139 miles

Taking a break

The Diva



Sergey again did 35 miles 64 laps

Getting help from Alexey

He now has 1104 miles


Andrey did 48 miles 89 laps

He now has 1080 miles

On the service road


Nidhruvi did 51 miles 93 laps

With Devarupi

Telling jokes

Tanya helping

This is the look you make when you are deciding to take and umbrella or not

Bahula shows a picture taken by Jowan of the start


Ananda-Lahari did 47 miles 87 laps

He now has 985 miles



Messages on the tree

Mandra with her extra special Kefir drink

Shamus who has been helping Yolanda.

“My friend Yolanda is doing it and I came out here to say high to her on day 4 and she asked me if I wanted to help crew and I said yes.  I have come back a few more extra days to lend a hand and she hasn’t fired me yet.  So as long as she doesn’t do that I am going to keep coming back.”

“There is a spiritual component to this race compared to a lot of the other ultra races.  Even some of the 2 or 3 day races you can get through those physically without having to get down to a deeper level.  But in order to do this race you  have to be at least a little bit spiritual.”

“You have to do this because physically after a few days your body gets broken down.  You then need to find some fuel from some other source.”

“I would love to do this race one day but I am not just going to jump into it.  I am going to become proficient at multi day running first.  Then get into it.”

“Yolanda is not trashing her body to the same extent as some of the runners are.  Because as a walker it isn’t as physically demanding.  That is one of the advantages.  The disadvantage is that she has to stay moving 17 of the 18 hours that the course is open. She doesn’t have the same level of recovery as the other runners get.”

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Pratibha reads the Daily Prayer

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poem pratibha

Enthusiasm Awakeners

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Inside a sweet dream lies the peace of the world.

Sri Chinmoy, Dreams, Jharna-Kala Card Co., 1997

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  1. Utpal thank you for the interview with Yuri. Quite incredible he can be a runner several years and a helper at the 3100 this year. Oh and I LOVED the music in the video today!

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