August 8… A New Experience

This morning when Surasa ran by me she asked if I wouldn’t mind taping a message for her.  Of course I considered it a great honor to be able to to record this for all her friends and admirers.

“I have a message for my friends.”

“Dear friends all over the world.  I just want to tell you that you don’t have to worry about me.  I am really fine.”


“There are other more important things and the world to worry about.  For me this is just about missing  a few miles, and what is that.   Of course it is a new experience for me.  Because in my other races, the last 2 were so good.”

“It is a new experience to walk for more than half of the race.  But I think new experiences are needed in life.  They are good in order to make inner progress.  And inner progress is of course what we want to make.”

golden surasa-1370423

“So if everything stays like this then I will be able to do more than 3000.  I am more than happy about this.”

“So I am not at all disappointed or sad.   I really feel happy and peaceful inside.  I think this is important.  This makes me very happy.”

“But I want to thank you again for all your support.  Very soon it will be the end of the race.”

flower surasa-1410844

At the start of the race in 2007 Sri Chinmoy spontaneously composed a poem about his beloved 3100 mile race.  The runners were standing in front of him. At first he was meditating silently and powerfully and then began to speak these words.

Photo by Jowan
Photo by Jowan

Longest self giving journey

Heaven’s brightest smile

Earth’s proudest embrace

God’s Newest Victory Discovery

Self-Transcendence 3,100-Mile Race Songs

Photo by Jowan
Photo by Jowan

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The Board


The stillness is growing louder each morning

pre camp-1410823

The street lights are still on

pre pinwheel-1410819

The van arrives

pre van-1410824

Rupantar recording his video

pre rupantar-1410828

The same shirt

pre janos-1410830

Getting a back rub

pre kaneenika-1410833

Getting an invitation to the 3100 mile runners translated

pre yuri-1410832

*A reprint from June 27th 2013*

Sometime late this morning Yuri Trostenyuk will run past the 731 mile mark.

It is possible that he might not be aware of this special moment when it takes place.  Certainly the counter who is carefully writing down all his lap times may not note or understand its significance.

Yet whether it is celebrated, or recognized, or simply just sweeps by in the great cavalcade of newly attained mileage.  Today a 49 year old Ukranian runner will have passed one of the great milestones of his running career.


In the great scheme of things it has been his dream just to be here.  He has undertaken a great pilgrimage in his life just to make it to the starting line.  He has trained long and hard to be fit and ready.  He has competed at similar but shorter events to understand just how to focus, how to pace, and how to tolerate pain and fatigue like few mortals ever have to endure.

In a 10 day race more than a year ago he ran 731 miles and then got to sit beside the track and marvel at what he had accomplished.  Today, when he passes 731 miles, his journey will in some ways have just begun, for still before him now are many more thousands of miles yet to go.

When I ask him what it means to him to transcend his previous best distance.  “It seems like I will go beyond.  It is newness.  Newness of feelings.  Newness of life.  Everything is new.  Newness of joy.”

Start Day 51


A beautiful morning along the Grand Central

wide gc-1410841

Kaneenika ran 56 miles


Shortly after she passed 3000 miles last night

kaneenika lat-52

She starts day 51 with 3017 miles


She will finish early tomorrow afternoon


She has been incredibly courageous and disciplined


A hint and more


It is Irina’s last day

camp irina-1420012

Janos tshirt

camp janos-1420013

168 st

flower surasa-1420022

Surasa ran 51 miles


She starts the day with 2921 miles


Surasa late last night

surasa late-49

With Vishvarupani

surasa vishvarupani-1420169

So many support her

surasa singers-1410986

Reading jokes

camp nada vishvarupani-1420171


flower surasa-1420160

Oneness Dream-Boat-Shore

camp oneness-1420018

“O how I love the smell of papaya in the morning.”

dog harper-1420006

Baladev did 47 miles


He now has 2712 miles


Never give up


Till Tuesday night


Service road


For some the running is over

camp rupantar-1420020

“Try and take it…….Come on take it…..take it…………..Please”


“this…….This……..THIS…… IS SO MUCH FUNNNNNNN! ”


“Just a short water break and then ………let’s play”


Sopan did 43 miles


He now has 2616 miles




By the school

flower sopan-1420025

Sanyogita with an empty basket

camp sanjogita-1420010

Ananda-Lahari did 43 miles


He now has 2522 miles


Elvis says, than you very much

flower ananda-lahari-1410949

“Sorry, what day was that again?”

“The race is over tomorrow, and I am guessing that is the end of the snacks as well ?”

bird food-1420125

Stutisheel did 36 miles


He now has 2514 miles


So experienced here


A dog break

stutiheel dog-1410957


stutisheel parvati-1410945

Coming through camp

camp stutisheel-1420017

The long long road


Service road

flowe stutisheel-1420086

“The 10 day race is not the same.” I have asked Giribhu to compare the 10 day race which she has done 4 times to the 3100.

“I can imagine the 10 day race but here there is so much more.  More pain, more everything.”


“I admire the runners very much.  Of course I can’t imagine doing this and it is not so far away any more.  But still it is far beyond what I have done.  It is amazing.”

“I admire Surasa of course.  She is a real hero for me and a role model.”

Giribhu describes that she too had physical problems this Spring at the 10 day race.  “I had a similar situation.  I couldn’t run from the 2nd day on.  I had to walk.”


“It is not so easy to inspire yourself and motivate yourself to continue.  To try and do your best.  Sometimes I thought, I don’t want any more or it is not important any more to do it.  Then something comes from inside……no… go…go…try your best.  Even if you have pain.”

“She is doing very well.  She is always smiling.  She looks happy and she is really great.”

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Sahishnu shows a picture of Samunnati who will be running the marathon at the Olympic games

sahishnu samunnati Lehonkova-1420168

And another

flower kaneenika-1420158

Cooks at the camp


Emily doing some fine tunning


All gratitude to them


Giribhu reads the Daily Poem


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Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Each new experience
Enables us to bring our life
One step closer to God.

7 thoughts on “August 8… A New Experience”

  1. Surasa’s video interview really touched my heart. I’m so glad that she is surrendered, positive,happy and at peace. What an incredible effort! Well done.

  2. Thank you Surasa for your interview with Utpal. Its good to hear, see and feel that you are not only happy but at peace. What a Oneness-Heart Warrior you are!!

  3. Utpal, thank you for playing Guru’s 2007 message for us. Hope the runners will get to hear it again too. It’s a perfect message not only after Surasa’s interview, but for ALL our hero warriors. Much Gratitude

  4. Thanks, Doris)
    Thank you, Utpal, for such a great reports! So creative, so inspiring! And same I can say about the whole 3100 mile race performance!))))))))

    Love you all, cheers!!!

  5. Thank you to Surasa for the self-giving message. We love your sweetness, equanimity and beauty. You are a real victor in the battlefield of self-transcendence. All gratitude to all who are part of this divine event.

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