July 24… Trying To Enjoy

If one needs any reminding that the results on the board are not the only thing that is important here at the 3100.  Than taking a closer look at Ashprihanal helps to illustrate just a little more clearly that numbers are just one small aspect of the true race.

A year ago now Ashprihanal was 4 days away from a world record.  He had run on average 75 miles a day and on this day had 2757 miles.  This morning he started day 36 with 2315 miles (785 miles to go). There is no question of course that Ashprihanal will complete the distance.  But now that looks to be as much as 13 more days away.

As someone who has already run the race 13 times you can’t help but see in him that the race still has powerful lessons and experiences to offer.  Ones that are not really visible to us who watch him lightly skipping and flying up the street.

ashprihanal service road-1370019

“The numbers are definitely getting better and better.”

“I always like it when you get to the last week and you can say, ah, this is the last Saturday.  But there is still time for that.”

“Last year was only for the world record and nothing else.  So I shut down everything else.”

“Last year was the time for that and this year I couldn’t do it.”  Ashprihanal accepts this wholeheartedly, that he is not going to be breaking records every year and that simply being part of it and doing his very best is his only option.

ashprihanal sun-1360908

I ask him if he would call his experience this year fun.  “It is a little bit of everything.  Sometimes it is fun and sometimes it is not.”

“I am definitely trying to have fun.  I am trying to enjoy.  But it is not easy.”

“It is still nice.  I am running pretty good.”  One big improvement is that he has lost a persistent cough that had lasted a long time.

“I am happy.”

flower ashprihanal-1370100

God enjoys watching me
When I enjoy my pilgrimage
To my oneness-heart-home.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 9, Agni Press, 1998

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The Board


Wide view

pre camp-1360884

The weather continues to be hot

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 2.20.08 PM

“Am I on time?”


Onions ready to help with Auyervedic heat exposure treatment

pre clock-1360882

Misha pouring drinks

pre misha-1360883

Vajra leaves

pre vajra-1360918

Van arrives

pre van-1360885

Kodanda getting ready to play

pre kodanda-1360893

Baladev working on shoes

pre baladev-1360896

Rupantar working on video

pre yuri-1360894

The girls

pre girls-1360887

Start Day 36


First steps

first steps-1360902

Bouncing along

flower atmavir-1370079

Atmavir did 51 miles

atmavir very good-1370027

He starts the day sharing the lead with yuri who also has 2332 miles


Getting mail from Sahishnu

atmavir mail-1370092

On the curb

flower yuri-1360914

Yuri did 64 miles the most of anyone


His 2332 miles is still 116 miles less than last year


He is being particularly careful of the heat

yuri sponge-1370084

A small friend

flower yuri-1370023

Ashprihanal had 62 miles.

ashprihanal very good-1370031

His 2315 miles is 17 miles behind Yuri and Atmavir


He gets mail from one of his climbing friends with pictures when they climbed Mount Fuji

ashprihanal email-1370089

A little treasure

flower ashprihanal-1370083

Vasu had a little better day yesterday with 57 miles


He now has 2230 miles


Always ahead

flower kaneenika-1370081

Kaneenika had 52 miles


She has 2185 miles and is 18 miles ahead of last year


Always greener

flower surasa-1370065

Surasa also did 52 miles


She has 2130 miles


Taking a stretch

surasa stretch-1360933

Having a picture with Vishvarupani

surasa vishvarupani-1370105


flower surasa-1360910

“I am pretty sure that Squirrels cannot keep track of the runner’s laps.  I just have a tiny problem with the pencil.”

flower dog-1370075

On the job training

camp Jumagul-1370074

Baladev did 54 miles.  He now has 1958 miles



flower sopan-1370086

Sopan did 44 miles.  He has 1954 miles


Service road

flower stutisheel-1370077

Stutisheel did 46 miles

stutisheel good-1360982

He now has 1949 miles


Enthusiasm Awakeners lighten everybody’s steps

stutisheel wide-1370064

The way it is

flower ananda-lahari-1370078

Ananda-Lahari did 41 miles


He now has 1817 miles

ananda-lahari service road-1370020

Hard shoes

flower vasu-1370025

Uddipan bagging ice for the runners

uddipan ice-1370085

The board at 10:30

board late-1370090

“I love coming out here in the morning to sing.”  Savita is one of the regular singers with the Enthusiasm Awakeners and with their anniversary on Wednesday.  I thought I would get some stories about coming to the race every morning.

“It is wonderful to sing Guru’s songs.  These songs that Guru wrote are really life lessons.  We can get so much from them.  Sometimes one line.  Sometimes more, they are packed with so much wisdom.  They can help you right through the day.”


“I think it really helps the runners.  They often stop their running and walk by.  They want to receive Guru’s light from the songs.”

“It is also so wonderful that so many other girls have come to join and be part of it.  It is like one big family early in the morning singing.”

“The race brings back so many special memories for me of when Suprabha used to run.  I felt such a close part of the race when she was running.”

Sahishnu’s Weekly Wrap Up of the weeks events


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Bileena reads the Daily Poem

poem bileena-1370073

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Bileena poem

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Question:  How much importance should I give to athletics?  I am always wondering if I disappoint you by not training and having running goals.

Sri Chinmoy: Your inner running is infinitely more important than your outer running. If you can run two miles a day, I shall be very happy. And if you can only run five times a week, I shall not be as disappointed as you think. But try to run daily, so that your body does not enjoy either inertia or revolt.


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  1. Thank you for that question and answer reminder about running — immortal advice for all of us.

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