July 8… Part Of My Life

You may not see them physically at the race all that much, their creations however are always present.  From the moment Nirjharini and her fellow cooks food appears at the race it vanishes quickly but not mysteriously.

It is tasty, it is wholesome, and it is the nutritional foundation for every step the runners take over many long hard, and now hot miles, that they do each day.

*Emily, Udbhasita, Nirjharini, Koojena……….Missing are Mandra, Hastakamala, and katya*

When I arrive at the kitchen this morning I am immediately offered a Japanese treat (Name eludes me) and it is of course great.  Nirjharini says, “it is yummy.”


She along with Koojena, Udbhasita, and Emily are putting the finishing touches on the snacks that will soon be going over at 10.  Previously breakfast and hot drinks were sent and throughout the course of the day the flow of food will almost be like an endless conveyor belt.  Returning will be empty trays and the compliments of just how much their service has been appreciated.

Koojena has only joined the crew a few days ago.  She says that being here has been very inspiring.


Nirjharini has been the head chef since 2004. “Since then I have done it every summer.  I could not imagine not coming, it is part of my life.  I am looking forward to it all year.”


“I like to be part of the race. I feel that it is a very special project and I love cooking, so it is a very good combination.”  More importantly though she says that Sri Chinmoy personally gave her this job to do.

“So I feel it is a very important part of my spiritual life and of my spiritual progress.”


Udbhasita says she just loves being here.  “I really feel that we have a dream team here.  Everybody is so nice, and they are such good cooks.  There is a very nice feeling all of us working together.  This is my first year to help in the kitchen.  It is a very good experience.”

Emily says she really likes thinking what the runners might like.  “Things that will be healthy and also things that will give them joy.”


Koojena say she has been dreaming for a long time to be part of the race.  “I am just happy being here and part of the team.  It is really amazing.  Not only for the runners but also for all the servers and helpers.  They are transcending themselves in every way.  So I am happy being here.”

kitchen flower-1310601

My soul wants me
To spread its light
And offer it to

The board….. due to health concerns yesterday Shamita retired from the race after completing 39 miles.  It is still yet unclear if she will be returning to the race.


The van arrives

pre van-1310264

Vasu arrives

pre vasu-1310276

Baladev works on his shoes

pre baladev-1310278

Checking the counting book

pre misha-1310272

The girls

pre girls-1310269

Ananda-Lahari brings a shirt

pre ananda-lahari-1310279

Start Day 20


First steps.  The runners are smiling because Ananda-Lahari immediately sprinted off from the line.

first step-1310285

Vasu did 64 miles

vasu early-1310291

He has 1355 miles


He is leading by 32 miles.


Aklanta recommended supplement for the heat

heat guard-1310287

Service road

flower atmavir-1310295

Atmavir did 66 miles


He has 1323 miles


Another tried and true remedy for the heat

camp ice-1310564

Yuri did 63 miles

wide gc-1310297

He has 1294 miles



flower yuri-1310703

Catching up

camp aranyani-1310570

Ashprihanal did 65 miles


He has 1254 miles


Can’t drink too much

flower ashprihanal-1310709



The board getting a work over

camp uddipan-1310714

Surasa did 65 miles and 1 lap less than Ashprihanal


She has 1230 miles

surasa profile-1310298

She is 71 miles ahead of last year




A little blu

flower final-1310300

A little break

camp vasavi-1310718

Kaneenika did 63 miles


She has 1208 miles


She is doing well


A joy to watch

kaneeika and-1310609

Service road


Another kind of break


Stutisheel did 42 miles


He has 1116 miles


Close and far

flower yuri-1310448

Little bird landing


Big bird taking off


Baladev did 60 miles.  His best day in 3 weeks.  He has 1088 miles


Summer school


Sopan did 65 miles.  Also his best day since day 1.


He has 1076 miles


He and Ashprihanal do a play.


The plot involves being lured from the race and going to Hollywood.  Which in his honor has been changed to Sopanwood.


Little feet moving fast


Coming through camp

camp ananada-lahari-1310704

Ananda-Lahari did 45 miles yesterday


He is running very fast today.  He starts with 1060 miles.  He is 7 days away from half way.


Into the sun


Vinaya plays harmonica


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Nirjharini and her crew arrives


The snacks will not last long.


Absolute delight

kitchen flower-1310585

“This season I am trying to do it every day.”  Mahatapa is one of the many new faces who have sprung up to be part of Parvati’s Enthusiasm Awakeners.

“It gives me so much joy to start my day like this.  To see the runners and sing for them, and actually to see their self giving.  I feel they are trying to cheer us.  They are trying to raise up our energy.”

“I think this is one of the primary drivers of happiness in my life right now.  So if I wake up and do this then I am set for the rest of the day.”

poem mahatapa-1310569

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Poem of the Day

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poem mahatapa

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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My mind wants me
To go out
And be part of
The outer world.

My heart wants me
To come home
And remain a member of
The inner family.

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  1. Thank you so much for the video interview with the kitchen workers! Great job girls! 🙂
    Shamita i pray for your health and strong return if it’s God’s Will.

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