June 29… Spiritual Experience

“Last year I was very much a part of it.”

Sopan did not come and physically run the race here last year, but in a unique way he was a big part of Ashprihanal’s tremendous world record experience back then.

“We talked a lot every day on the phone.  But then he helped me and inspired me.  I felt I was part of the race.”

The strain and effort of Ashprihanal’s pursuit of a new world record was tremendous.  The daily phone chats that went on for sometimes hours nearly every night was a great way for Ashprihanal to find a way to sometimes decompress.

This year they need no excuse to chat and find relief from the long hard days that seem to stretch out endlessly in front of them.  The two runners have a very special bond and when you see them running side by side they carry on the kind of effortless banter that is particular to those who are the closes of friends.

sopan play-1280421
Doing a skit this morning

This is Sopan’s 7th time at the race.  Not that he needed any particular excuse to come this year but certainly the long phone conversations that often took place deep in the New York night helped them both.   “It definitely inspired me.  It helped my training.  I could feel the energy of the race all the time with me.”

Sopan said that the moment the race was over then the energy was no longer there.  “I was on my own, kind of.”

“First of all, the reason I am here is because of the spiritual experience.  Last time when I did the race (2014).  Physically I did not do well.  But because of that I had a very profound spiritual experience.  Because I could focus only on the spiritual.  The physical did not matter anymore. (Sopan did not complete the distance)


“It made me appreciate more the spiritual side of the race.”

Sopan ran for the first time in 2005 and then came back again in 2006 and ran even faster.  He had the unique opportunity to experience Sri Chinmoy directly encouraging and inspiring the runners.  I ask him how it is for him now that Sri Chinmoy is no longer with us.

“In one way it is different and in another way it is the same.  Because I often think about him and the races I have done with him.  I can almost transport myself back in my mind.  I feel like I am back then when Guru was here.  It actually helps a lot.”


Sopan ran 59 miles yesterday and with his 10 day total of 604 mile his average is still good.  Putting the finish line square in sight, but of course there is still the issue of an additional 2500 miles in order to get there.

As for goals, Sopan says, “I just take it day by day.  Of course I want to do good, but to me it doesn’t matter.”

“Either way it is okay.  If I run good it is okay for me.  If I am not able to run good it is also okay for me.”

“Of course I would like to finish but that is not everything.”


An inner experience is the seeker’s
conscious awareness of his Immortality.

An inner experience is the seeker’s
conscious expansion of his Infinity.

An inner experience is the seeker’s
conscious fulfillment of his Eternity.

Sri Chinmoy, Fifty Freedom-Boats to one Golden Shore, part 1, Agni Press, 1974

Dohai notices that Shamita’s total going into day 11 needs to be adjusted

pre dohai-1280266

Shamita arrives with Sanjay’s camera crew

pre van-1280250

Volodymyr is currently only walking due to his back problems.

pre voldy-1280271

It is Janos’s birthday today

pre ashprihanal-1280259

The crew is busy

pre shamita-1280256

Baladev drops off his laundry

pre rupantar-1280262

Kaneenika getting ready

pre kaneenika-1280265

Start Day 11


Due to an oversight Surasa was not picked up.  She arrived shortly afterwards. It did not go unnoticed.

surasa arrives-1280275

A beautiful morning at the race

wide kaneenika-1280373

Once again Vasu is the only one to complete 70 miles


He has 737 miles


A gold star effort

flower vasu-1280280

Atmavir ran 68 miles


Sahishnu handing out emails.

camp sahishnu-1280652

“Honestly I have been on this raw food diet for a few weeks now but all I ever think about are donuts. hmmmmm donuts.”

squirrel 3-1270985

Finding light

flower yuri-1280278

Yuri also ran 68 miles


He has 701 miles and is 15 miles behind Atmavir


By the playground

flower ashprihanal-1280538

Ashprihanal ran 65 miles


He has 682 miles

ashprihanal behind-1280375

Surasa continues to do very well.  She did 66 miles and has 648 miles

surasa good-1280382

Service road

flower kaneenika-1280284

Kaneenika did 64 miles

kaneenika very good-1280606

She has 631 miles

kaneenika camp-1280470

Some leaves are down

flower shamita-1280376

Shamita did 63 miles

shamita good-1280302

A different kind of shoe


She has 620 miles

shamita dohai-1280650

She is doing very well

shamita behind-1280504



Ananda-Lahari did 51 miles


He has 611 miles


Drying shoes

flower sopan-1280646


sopan wide-1280386

His inscription in concrete from 2 years ago

sopan name-1280480

By the fence

flower stutisheel-1280477

Stutisheel did 65 miles and has 579 miles.



flower stutisheel-1280378


flower cups-1280476

Baladev did 57 miles and has 576 miles


It is still damp this morning

flower baladev-1280306

Quite a few come and circle the block

flower volody-1280321

volodymyr did 38 miles and has 559 miles


This morning Parvati, Tajini, and Patricia started planting flowers




“When I saw the runners for the first time (2 nights ago), I was really humbled by their dedication.  Their absolute single mindedness.  Their ability to stay on course knowing that had been staying out there so long.”

Danny says his first connection happened a few years ago when a friend of his entered the race.  “I called him up almost every day.  I felt it was like I was calling an astronaut who was on the moon.  It was such an incredible force that I was feeling when I was talking to him.  It was inspiring to me.”

poem danny-1280467

“It is hard to describe.  It is not something that I think about it is just something that is.  It just blows me away.  It is something that I can’t comprehend.”

“You just know that when you come here that it is unique.  You will never experience this any place else in the world.”

“The only way that I can attribute that is to the fact that Sri Chinmoy used to personally come to the race and inspire the runners.  He obviously still does.  The feeling is absolutely unique.  You will never feel this anywhere else.”

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In the spiritual life we need experience, we need confidence, we need assurance.

Experience is the discovery of infinite Life within us.

Confidence is the supreme mastery of our soul over darkness and night.

Assurance is our inseparable oneness with the Light of the Supreme.

Night we were. Light we are. Delight we shall be.

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  1. Sopan’s interview, and this blog today, is amazing Thanks so much!
    I am going to run 3 marathons this weekend in Oregon. I will take Sopan’s words with me.

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