June 27… My Inner Thrills

In 2004 Stutisheel first started running around Thomas Edison High school.  12 years later he is still going around and around the block each day.  It should be pointed out that he stops running when he reaches 3100 miles.

*editors note*  This does also have to occur before the end of 52 days each summer, so the major portion of the year remains without him endlessly running there.

But when you talk with Stutisheel, and more importantly when you run with him here as he takes on this sacred mission each summer. You cannot help but feel that he actually belongs to this little concrete loop.

That the DNA of himself and the sidewalk are somehow interchangeable. Pounded together perhaps from the 11 prior summers he has done only this.

Of course he and the other runners leaves for the rest of year.  Go home to many countries scattered here and there.  But for Stutisheel in particular, some deep bright portion of himself remains embedded here in the track.

Better called perhaps a place of pilgrimage or maybe just his heart’s home.


Today as we run the sun is bright, the air pleasant, in it is a great day to run.  I however will circle the block with him 2 times.  He on the other hand, if he matches his mileage from yesterday will do it 116 times.

It is day nine for Stutisheel and he says, “Each day is like a small life, or sometimes even a big life.  With discoveries, with tragedies, with drama, with joy, with fun, everything.”

Something he has been inspired by recently he says, is the understanding of the importance of an inner thrill.

Stutisheel feels that when you are in touch with this experience then nothing in front of you cannot be accomplished.  “You can go far far beyond what you can ever imagine.

stutisheel book-1270840

“I believe this is one of the secrets that can allow you to proceed not only in this race, but in any endeavor.”

“The inner thrill,” he says is also very practical.  A few times already in this race I had pains in different places. What helped he says was the inspiration he received when listening to the Enthusiasm Awakeners one morning in particular.  “I felt an inner thrill come like a high voltage current and the pain was gone.”

Even this morning the girls sang a song that deeply touched and inspired him.

I know my limits,
But I must exceed them.
Sourced from http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/es-468

“This is very nice and very powerful.”

Stutisheel describes that this kind of experience is just one of the aspects of the race that inspires him to return so often.  “There are so many details that make up the whole picture.  It is the whole picture that attracts me.  Not just one particular thing.  But of course not just the inner thrill, but also the other divine experiences as well.”

“My state of self transcendence.  Flowing into the river of time.  All these things bring me back.”


My inner thrills run
Like electric current
The moment I unmistakably feel
God’s Presence
In the very depths of my heart.

Only Volodymyr had a poor day yesterday. But at least Dr. Kumar has him back on the track


For some inexplicable reason one of the atomic clocks is having a hard time.

pre clock-1270617

Janos jokes that the runners have a few hours to wait before the start

pre janos-1270612

It doesn’t stop Vajra from picking up trash

pre vajra-1270616

Yuri comes

pre yuri-1270614

Ashprihanal going through his shoe box

pre ashprihanal-1270620

Volodymyr arrives

pre volody-1270625

Start Day 9


Vasu was the only one to run over 70 miles he did 71

flower vasu-1270692

He looks strong with 595 miles


He is 17 miles ahead of Atmavir


So close


Atmavir did 60 miles


He now has 578 miles


A dog’s best friend

flower atmaivr-1270760

Heading up the service road

wide gc-1270700

Sharing a lap with sun worshiper Pradeep.  Who left his shoes behind.

atmavir pradeep-1270737

A bit of yellow

flower yuri-1270751

Yuri did 67 miles


Yuri has 566 miles

yuri behind-1270650

Getting in the picture

flower yuri-1270701

Ashprihanal had 68 miles


He has 550 miles

ashprihanal atmaivr-1270839

Some traffic on the course

ashprihanal crowd-1270754

Coming towards the Enthusiasm Awakeners

flower ashprihanal-1270810

Poem by Sri Chinmoy on the fence designed by Kshema

flower surasa-1270853



Surasa did 64 miles yesterday.


She has 517 miles

camp surasa-1270824

Surasa and a bit of green

flower surasa-1270809

Ananda-Lahari had 49 miles


He has 514 miles


Burning incense

flower ananda-lahari-1270859

Kaneenika did 63 miles


She has 503 miles

kaneenika camp-1270901


flower kaneenika-1270815

Shamita did 62 miles and has 493 miles


A little construction on the road today

camp construction-1270846

Shamita’s crew

camp shamita-1270828

In the sidewalk

flower shamita-1270752

Sopan did 60 miles


He has 484 miles

sopan wide-1270746

Coming through camp

sopan camp-1270899

Volodymyr did 26 miles because of his absence from the course for much of yesterday.


He has 473 miles


Everybody takes a drink

flower volody-1270848

Baladev did 56 miles


He has 461 miles and will leave early this afternoon to go to see a dentist.


Lyalya translating into Russian the days prayer

camp baladev-1270834

Stutisheel did 63 miles


He has 447 miles


Nirjarini and her cooks bring the morning snack


“I see people with huge smiles on their faces as they go into the school.”  Boijayanti has been singing most mornings with the Enthusiasm Awakeners and has been impressed just how many people are inspired by the race.

“I see the cops smiling.  I see the teachers smiling.  I feel that everything that being offered here is for more than just the runners and for the students of Sri Chinmoy.”

“It feels that others are plugging into the happiness and are receiving from it as well.”

“I love being able to come here.  It is such a special race.  You want to be part of it in any way you can.”

poem boijayanti-1270822

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Prayer of the day

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Boijayanti Poem of the Day

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Transcendence is perfection.
Perfection is transcendence.
When we transcend our capacities,
Immediately we get an inner joy,
An inner thrill,
Which is another name for perfection.
No perfection can ever be achieved
Without self-transcendence.

flower kaneenika-1270745

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