June 26… Your Soul’s Voice

“I spoke with Shamita yesterday and she did not even know what day it was.”

Atmavir is now running the race for the 9th time.  Today is his 8th day on the course and with such an incredibly long road ahead for all the runners, it is very easy to loose track of time. The direction each is going is of course a given…..straight ahead.

The obvious simple strategy that Atmavir and nearly everyone else who is running here tries to follow, is to inhabit the moment as much as they possibly can. There is only the precious now.


“Somehow a day can feel like a week.  Sometimes late in the day I don’t even remember what happened in the morning.”

“I have to say that this year I have more of a connection with nature than last year.  Because last year there was a lot of construction.  2/3rd’s of the course was covered by scaffolding.  I feel this year the course is more natural.”

“I was kind of lucky preparing for the race this year.  3 weeks ago I went to British Columbia.  I had a great time over there.  I was running trails on my own.”


Atmavir feels that the quarter mile block he  has now run more than 24,800 miles on is like its own little world.  A very tiny world.  If you look at the details than you can see beauty here.  “You can see in one tree much more beauty than you ever would normally.”

“I really love the trees here.  I feel a connection with them.  I have watched the shape of them change over the years.”

We run by the little brick alcove where the Enthusiasm Awakeners stand and sing every morning.  It looks to Atmavir like a Zen garden.

atmavir-good copy

“I take each race as an opportunity to come here.”  He says you just never know when this very special opportunity could be snatched away by injury or something else.  “For each race I am grateful that I am here.”  Atmavir describes the great honor he feels that he was able to be here in particular last year when so many great performances took place.  “There was so much focus here.”

“The race changes everybody here.  I would say that the race always gives me a direction, especially the last few years.  I always feel that Guru is showing me the next step when the race is over.”

“I feel more confident.  I have more trust in myself.  I am trying to listen to my soul’s voice no matter what happens.”

flower atmavir-1270602

My soul does not use
A loud voice.
It always speaks
In whispers.

Nearly all the runners had a good day yesterday.  Volodymyr however started to have back problems yesterday and was unable to come to the race this morning.  Later in the day he went to see Dr. Kumar who helped in so that he returned to the race once again this afternoon.


Misha readies himself for the arriving runners

pre misha-1270254

He has set out his best snacks

pre food-1270258

Sympathize with others
In their mind-burden-pain
And you will also be able to share
In their heart-kite-joy.

Vajra has beautified the course for the arrival of the runners.

pre vajra-1270256

Before the crowds

pre camp-1270257

Atmavir gets ready

pre atmavir-1270277

The van comes

pre van-1270259

The sun sneaks into the camp

pre janos-1270272

The girls

pre girls-1270263

Vasu tells Rupantar that Volodymyr is unable to come this morning.

pre vasu-1270279

Ashprihanal telling a dog joke

pre boys-1270278

Baladev comes

pre camp-1270269

Rupantar showing off the live webcam to Mahasatya

pre webcam-1270267

Yuri having his yogurt

pre yuri-1270270

Start Day 8


It is a glorious Sunday morning

sun fountain-1270283



Vasu ran 76 miles yesterday. He now has 523 miles and is ahead of Atmavir by 5 miles.

vasu good-1270530

Kodanda playing on a Russian piccolo


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flower atmavir-1270436

Signing up to count

camp counting-1270512

Yuri ran 68 miles.


He has 498 miles


Coming through camp

camp yuri-1270525

Ashprihanal coming by the fence


Ashprihanal ran 66 miles


He discusses doing a play with Vasu this morning.  Something he has never done before.

ashprihanal vasu-1270387

They perform the skit in honor of the anniversary of Sri Chinmoy’s weight lifting

ashprihanal play-1270432

A quiet Sunday morning along the service road

wide gc-1270288

On June 26th 1985 Sri Chinmoy at age 54 first started his weight lifting by raising a 40 lb dumbbell over his head.  By November 18 of that year he had increased the weight to 155 lbs.

Photo by Bhashwar

Ananda-Lahari ran 54 miles yesterday


He has 465 miles


The precious and the small


Surasa did 64 miles


She has 453 miles

silouhete surasa-1270292

Kaneenika did 63 miles

kaneenika good-1270408

Taking a break

kaneenika feet-1270609

She now has 440 miles


Past the school

flower kaneenika-1270428

Taking pictures

camp pics-1270561

“Now seriously buddy, the park is reserved for squirrels and birds only until 7am.  Don’t believe me, check the rules over by the gate”


Shamita did 62 miles.  She has 431 miles

shamita good-1270392

With Dohai

shamita dohai-1270493

Getting some advice from Mario



flower shamita-1270435

If you scratch my back…..

camp massage-1270522

Sopan did 60 miles


He has 423 miles

sopan gc-1270421

Baladev did 55 and has 405 miles


Kaneenika’s roller is getting some additional and surprising use

camp roller-1270600

Stutisheel did 57 miles and has 384 miles


Someone’s snack

flower stutisheel-1270446

Patricia from Germany is in New York helping out and is here to witness the 3100 mile race for the first time.  She says she has been following the race from afar for some time.  “I heard about the race first about 3 years ago.”

“It was always really one of my big dreams to come here.  For years I could only watch it online and I was really following it every day.  Now I am finally here and I still can’t believe it.”


When asked if there is a difference between being at home and following it in person.  “It is truly different.  You really feel the runners energy.  Actually the runners give you energy….It is the other way around.”

“They are such an inspiration.  They are running every day, all day.  Every temperature and every kind of weather.  It is amazing.”

Patricia feels inspired in many ways.  “I am now trying to sing every day 10 new songs.  I started to do little projects because the runners inspire me so much.  They go to their limits, and I am also trying to transcend myself.”

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Poem of the day read by Kshema

poem kshema-1270506

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Poem Kshema

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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The voice of my soul
Is always energizing.

The voice of my heart
Is always encouraging.

The voice of my mind
Is always discouraging.

The voice of my vital
Is always challenging.

The voice of my body
Is always trembling.

Sri Chinmoy, Europe-Blossoms, Agni Press, 1974

flower sun-1270286

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  1. Thank you for making our day, Utpal. Our daily contact with self-transcendence keeps us aspiring for new oneness and joy. Thanks for the poems also, great to share them with all.
    Keep it up!

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