April 19th…..The Longest Journey

“One hour at a time, one day at a time, one lap at a time.  Enjoy the journey.  Find your highest capacity.  We hope to give as much as we can to help you get through this.”…..Part of pre race speech by Sahishnu.

Each and every
Heart-dream of mine
Has the capacity
To take the highest flight
And the longest journey.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 181, Agni Press, 1993

pre start 2-1210346

Yolanda comes to the starting line

pre start-1210345

Sahishnu introducing the runners

pre sahishnu-1210341

Giving out numbers prior to the start

sign up-1210276

Achim Heukemes from Rottendorf Germany has returned to the race for the first time since running in 2008.  He ran 700 miles at the time.

Pre Achim-1210280

Making some highly technical adjustments to the counting shed.

pre crew-1210312

Some last minute photos

pre banner-1210330

Budjargal taking a deep look at things

pre budjargal-1210316

cooks making lunch

Pre cooks-1210285

A lemon which has been invited out to lunch

pre flower-1210332

Achim with Gabby

pre achim2-1210325

Race director Rupantar

pre rupantar-1210328

Giribhu resting her feet

pre giribhu-1210307


pre karteek-1210298

Karnayati and friends

pre karnayati-1210297

Kobi Oren is a 44 year old runner from Tel Aviv.  A very experienced athlete this will be his 2nd 10 day race.

Pre Kobi-1210278

Nipura checking the helpers list

pre nipura-1210339

One last adjustment to the tent

pre tent-1210286

Priyavadin has 4 more days to wait.

pre priyavadin-1210320Taking it easy

pre tent-1210304

“I am a combination of excited and scared.”  58 year old Richard Takata from Canada is running his first 10 day race.

“I am excited because it is my first 10 day and for the very same reason I am kind of scared.  It is kind of the unknown.”

Richard did a 6 day race last year in Icarus Florida in November.  It is a little different environment.  It was very hot and humid.  We did most of our running at night because of the heat and humidity.”  He did 207 miles.  He was happy with the result.

richard 2-1210295

He feels that his doing the 10 day race is a kind of logical progression for him.  “I started running 20 years ago with 5kms  and then went up to the marathon.  It has been a kind of evolution.”

“Running has been a wonderful compass for me.  It has just pointed me in the right directions.  It has enabled me to travel and to meet wonderful people.  Come to great venues with great volunteers.  It is more of a holistic thing for me.  I love everything about it.  I even enjoyed the road trip down here.”

“I am not looking forward to packing up and going.”

“When I started running I was very over weight.  I was 200 pounds.”

“The running community is very accepting.  When you look across that starting line everybody is in shorts and running shoes.  You don’t know if they are the vice president of some big company or me.  A guy from Etobicoke.  I love how running equalizes everything out there.  The community I found, even when I was over weight never laughed at me.  They were very accepting.”


“That is the part of the community that I want to be part of.”

“I have a goal but it is aggressive.    I have learned from these multi day events that you should have multiple goals.  I have an optimistic and one and maybe a more realistic one.”

“The one thing about these multi day events is that you never dnf.  I could do one lap and I would not dnf.  In a lot of ways that is a good thing for me.  I am just going to go out there and do my best.”

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Richard Takata









finish line-1210528


finish line sahishnu-1210530









“They better put in a traffic light here, or else I will never get across here.”

flower bird-1210380



flower sleeper-1210357





flower ed-1210489


wide circle-1210485



wide finish line-1210523


wide goergs-1210355


wide runners-1210470

flower karnayat-1210494


The longest journey
  Is always
The inner journey.
This journey knows no beginning
  And no end.


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  1. […] These are Utpal’s first impressions from the 10 day race that started in Queens, New York, on April 19th.  Watch also a volley of pictures on Utpal’s blog PERFECTION JOURNEY. […]

  2. […] These are Utpal’s first impressions from the 10 day race that started in Queens, New York, on April 19th.  Watch also a volley of pictures on Utpal’s blog PERFECTION JOURNEY. […]

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