July 28: This Is Our Home

Today Vasu completed the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race for the 4th time.  On each occasion that he has run, he has not only has improved his time but he also seems to have grown and transformed himself in a way that only self transcendence can do.  Self transcendence of course is not just for the elite and gifted it is a beacon that calls out to all of us.


To Vasu in particular his pursuit of self transcendence these past 4 years  has been all consuming.  A total commitment of his life energy and his heart’s joy for a goal that defies all our best descriptions.  Yet after 44 days and 6 hours the overwhelming sense of satisfaction he now feels and is experiencing is the furthest and most profound moment he has yet made in his life’s journey.

A simple way of understanding just how committed Vasu is to the race is to see him stop while running and pick up trash.  “This is our home, and we want to make our home clean.  If we keep it clean we can run as fast as possible.”


“Each year it becomes more intensive and more sacred.  Every race is important.  Every race we try to please Guru in his own way.  But this year I think is very special.  Perfection.”

When he saw Ashprihanal finish he says he was very, very happy.  “I told him he must smash this record, and he will do it.  He is very inspiring.  He shared with me many secrets.  I am very grateful for him.  We run together and we told each other stories.  He inspired me and I inspired him.  Very very nice.”


His time this year is almost 3 days faster than last year.  “This is all grace of Guru.  During the year I didn’t train as much as usual.  This year I started training just after I called the 6 day race in the Spring.  Sahishnu told me that I should break 42 days.  I am sorry because I could not break it.  But when Ashprihanal broke it I felt oneness with him.  So I feel that I did it.”

When asked about what will be in his thoughts when he crosses the finish line.  Vasu says that he will be thinking about Sri Chinmoy who made his achievement possible and also about all those back in Oneness Dream Boat shore who supported him the entire distance.  “Many disciples have prayed for me and helped me and inspired me to do my best.”


Vasu’s exceptional time means that he averaged more than 70 miles a day, and incredible achievement.  “This is all grace of Guru. I just tried to be his instrument.”

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A perfect day.


The sound of his finish and the Victory Song.

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“Ladies and gentlemen Vasu Duzhiy has finished the 3100 mile race in a time of 44 days, 6 hours, 10 minutes, and 42 seconds.  This is an amazing achievement.  He finished 2 days and 20 hours better than his previous finish.”

“This is a new Russian record.  He moves from 14th to 5th place all time.  He averaged 70.49 miles per day or 112.7 km.  Vasu one of only 4 men to average 70 miles per day.  A fantastic achievement.”

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singing speech

Kaneenika is receiving lots of care and concern since her fall a few days ago.


Stutisheel gets the important things out first for the long day ahead.


Janos updating the board.


Surasa calmly going about her business.


Start Day 45


This morning it will just be a matter of hours for Vasu


Vasu did 71 miles yesterday and gets a little encouragement form Ashprihanal


Enthusiasm Awakeners honor his heroic effort.


He has only to run 27 more miles.


Late tomorrow it will be Yuri’s turn


He did 69 miles yesterday the most that he has done in 9 days.  He now has 2968 miles.  That is 55 more than last year.


It is going to be hot for the next week.


Ashprihanal demonstrates some stretches for Jayasalini.


A closer look.


Atmavir had the  most miles yesterday with 75.


He now has 2775 miles


Surasa has been magnificent.  She did 63 miles yesterday.


She now has 2753 miles.


Always cheerful and always moving forward.


Morning helper Vandya


This and that


Poem on a tree


Stutisheel had 64 miles yesterday.  Today he is packing ice under his hat.


He has 2673 miles.


By the curb


Nirbhasa had 60 miles yesterday.


He now has 2649 miles


Hidden delight.


A cheerful Kaneenika did 44 miles, both yesterday and the day before.


The crew all supporting her.  She now has 2621 miles.


Life goes on.


Pipasa updates the board


Lots of water every day.


Mitch doing chiropractic.


Zulma doing counting with some incense in the air.


For some the hard work is over for this year.


Ananda-Lahari had 39 miles yesterday.


He now has 2318 miles.


Just 7 more days to run


Baladev did 40 miles yesterday.  He now has 2315 miles.


Where is your heart when you aren’t looking?


This is not Purnakama’s first visit to the 3100 mile race, but more often she is following it intently from her home in Winnipeg.  “I am traveling through for a day.”

“The energy here is so powerful.  I actually came last night just to see some of the runners.   The energy coming off the runners was like some divine force.  They weren’t even human.  It was like watching Saints run by.”


She, like all of us who watch, can’t imagine what the runners are going through.

Describing the event, “it is not even about the running.  It is, but it is about the deepest self transcendence.  What they do here affects everybody.  Even me sitting in my little house reading the blog.  Reading what they do every day inspires me.”

“Just being able to connect to that every day inspires me and I feel, even when I am not watching what they are doing.  If I am just thinking about the runners throughout the day it gives me energy.  Because I think that anything that I am going through is nothing compared to what they are going through.”


She doesn’t understand how she can receive so much from the event.  “I don’t know how it does that.”  Neither does anybody else either.

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Robert recites the Daily Prayer


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Robert prayer

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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God’s Home on earth is as beautiful
As His Home in Heaven.
Therefore, we must not feed our stupidity
By crying for God’s Home in Heaven.
His Home on earth definitely can give us
What we need: satisfaction.


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  1. Hi Utpal,my hearts deepest gratitude to you for your incredible most inspiring and outstandig work at this great Race!I read every line and see every picture and make sure do not miss anything. This gives me a feeling i am also there. Inwardly i am there anyway. Did you see me somewhere? So thanks again for your great dedicated service!:):) see you soon IGH Nidhruvi

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