July 26: The Race Is More Than Special

Last year Jayasalini Abramovskikh completed the Self Transcendence 3100 mile race in her first attempt.  Coming to New York from her home in Moscow was a dream come true for her.  She had come many times to the multi day races in Flushing Meadow, but the 3100 was always calling out to her.  So when she did at last run in 2014, every step past 10 days was another step of Self Transcendence for this amazing athlete.

Her final result of 51 days and 12 hours was good enough to place her 7th overall amongst women competitors.  But rank, and time was never her goal.  She knew that by coming and taking part she was doing exactly what she needed to do at the time it was supposed to be done.

This year, due to injury she could not participate.  But the call of the race was so strong that she has now come for a week to visit the race.  Also, as fate would have it, she was here as history was made when Ashprihanal set a new world record.

“On one of the first days when I was running.  Vasu was passing by me and he said, did you see Guru? He was passing by in a car.  I was not surprised at all.  I answered, no.  I didn’t see him.”

“He said look in that car.  He will come again.  He will pass by one more time.  Than it was Databir who was driving his car and he was holding the picture of Guru.  Who in the picture was there with folded hands.  After that I was looking forward to seeing Guru.”

“Vasu asked many times.  Did you see Guru? I said yes, yes, I saw.”

Jayasalini than got in the habit of looking forward to seeing Databir’s car when it passed by.  “I was offering all my devotion to see this picture.  To see Guru with folded hands.  For me it was one of the sweetest memories and experiences.  It was just seeing Guru pass by twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.  It was very obvious and very tangible that he was here.”


“Last year during the whole race I felt very peaceful and very happy.  I felt happy from knowing I was doing what I was supposed to be doing and being where you are supposed to be.  It was such peaceful joy and happiness.”

“But one day, I felt like I wanted some experience.  Because some runners were telling stories that they had such experiences.  They see Gods and Goddesses.  I was happy with my feeling inside.  But one day I asked Guru, if you want please give me an experience that I can really catch and be tangible.”

“Than one day I was running and I saw a man.  He was wearing orange clothes like a Buddhist monk.  He was walking up the hill and I was running down the hill in the opposite direction.  It reminded me of a scene in an old movie in which Guru is walking along a country road in a red dhoti.  He was swinging his arms so gently and smoothly and smiling.”

“The man in orange was walking exactly the same way.  When we drew closer to each other he folded his hands and he bowed to me.  Than I did the same and we both continued on our way.”

“That was an amazing story.  Guru fulfills all our wishes, everything.”


“During the very last days of the race last year, Pranjal had already finished.  Than he came up to me and he was taking pictures.  He asked me, are you going to run next year.  I hope I will, I don’t know.  He said next year will be a very very special race….. and this race is more than special.  It is unbelievable.”

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For Kaneenika now it has come down to a 10 day race.


Today will be the final day for Galya who will finish late tonight.


Start Day 43


He has kept the amazing streak alive for 42 days.  Now he must do it again one more time.


Yesterday Galya ran 71 miles.  To make this his last day he has to run 72 miles.


Today he will run a lot with Stutisheel.


Just a little bit more and he will have an amazing finish around 11pm tonight.


Vasu starts the day with 170 more miles to run.


He ran 69 miles yesterday.


He is 140 miles ahead of his pace from last year.


Across the street.


“Heh Joe, look over there.  The runners finally got here”


Yuri had 63 miles yesterday.


The heat has not been his friend.  He has 2832 miles and is 17 miles ahead of last year.


Atmavir had a very hard day yesterday.  He did 39 miles.


He has 2630 miles completed.


Surasa had 63 miles yesterday.


She now has 2625 miles


Her average pace is 62.5 miles.  Suprabha’s record is 62.49 miles a day.


Surasa has run a magnificent race.


Across the road.


Stutisheel ran 66 miles yesterday.  He now has 2543 miles.


Don’t forget your happiness.


“You may wonder how come you can here me speak when I have a potato chip in my mouth?  I am a ventriloquist.”


Barely there.


Kaneenika had 58 miles yesterday.  She now has 2532 miles.


A bit of green.


Nirbhasa had 60 miles yesterday.  He now has 2527 miles.


Leaves falling early.


Brahmata playing.


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Baladev had 49 miles yesterday.


He now has 2225 miles.


The glass half full and than some.


Ananda-Lahari had 51 miles yesterday.  He now has 2193 miles.


Ripe and full.


Dennis reads the Daily Prayer.


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prayer dennis

Enthusiasm Awakeners


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Every day, before your mind tells you
That it has something special
To give to the world,
Let your heart tell you
That it has something special
To receive from Heaven.


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