July 13: The Soul Is Eternal

“I am feeling pretty good. One of the nice things I guess about getting into the second half of the race is your body is more adjusted.  Also your mind starts to dissipate a little bit. There is still a long way to go.”

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Just before the first half was over, Nirbhasa saw his race slipping away.  He went through almost a week of rock hard days that slowly started chipping away at his mileage cushion.

Not that he ever lost his infectious smile and optimism.  But some parts of his body were just not resisting or accommodating to  the strain of running 60 plus miles a day.

Nirbhasa said that he did not experience doubt at this time.  “I just surrendered to whatever happens happens.  I knew that I was doing my best out there.  I wasn’t wasting time,  that week, that I was really slow and wasn’t making the daily mileage.”

Now however even though the finish line though is still 1377 miles away it is looking  just that more attainable.


“Yesterday was interesting. I found myself counting down the days.  The mind gets a kind of temporary stability in dealing with things by trying to count things.  But you get no joy out of it.  So I am really trying to cut that out. Instead just enjoy the morning running.”

“This morning I woke up and was only thinking about running this morning.  I am just really enjoying being out here.”

Yesterday he had a long call with friends back home in Dublin.  “You really feel that you are not doing it for yourself.  That it is not just you out there that there are a lot of people, getting inspiration, getting joy.  That really helps.  Also it is really nice to get on the phone and talk to people.” (laughs)

“My relationship to Sri Chinmoy and I think all of our relationships to Sri Chinmoy was that many of the moments.  Many of the transformative moments that they didn’t fit into the usual narrative.  A lot of the time when Sri Chinmoy wanted to do something, or wanted to have an experience through you.  He could do it like that.” (snaps fingers)

“He could do it with a smile, with a meditation, with a look your way.”


Nirbhasa recalls a time when he visited New York and his meditation group had just completed working very hard on some project.  He was sitting with a large group at a function when Sri Chinmoy mentioned Ireland.  “When he mentioned Ireland I could immediately feel inside my heart this tremendous outpouring of gratitude coming from him.  He was so unbelievably grateful.”

Nirbhasa describes the mix of what on one level appears to be a casual conversation, and on the other, “I am having this tremendous experience, feeling this gratitude pouring from him.  I had many different experiences like that.”

Nirbhasa describes how on another occasion he was stressed out and felt he was carrying a tremendous weight of stupid unnecessary thoughts.  With one brief look from Sri Chinmoy he felt the weight simply vanish.  “Gone.”


He also feels that he knew his physical time with Sri Chinmoy was going to be brief so that he had to create a deep inner relationship, this inner understanding.  “This has served me well since Sri Chinmoy passed.”

“I still feel that I have these kind of experiences, even during the race.  I still feel that I can call on Sri Chinmoy at different points during the race. That I feel when I get different experiences during the race that they are somehow coming from him.  The one thing that spirituality teaches us is that the soul is eternal.”

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It is going to be a bright pleasant day. The board gets a pre start update.


The girls have arrived.


Minutes to go.


Start Day 30


Ashprihanal ran 76 miles yesterday


He started the day with 2229 miles putting him 34 miles ahead of the old record.


Grahak a good friend and very good helper.


Who occasionally takes his own photos.


Onward and upward


Galya also maintains his streak with another 70 mile day.  He now has 2095 miles.

galya2 copy

Soon it will just be 1000 miles to go.


Vasu had 68 miles yesterday. He now has 2006 miles.


Mid morning borscht has arrived.  Sour cream optional


Staying cautious around the work zones.

yuri-workmanYuri ran 65 miles yesterday. He now has 1979 miles and will make 2000 by this morning.


Atmavir ran 66 miles yesterday.


He has 1891 miles.


Surasa ran 63 miles yesterday.


She has 1796 miles.


Surasa with Ishika


Surasa making the big turn.


Stutisheel had 68 miles yesterday.


He now has 1774 miles.


Staying hydrated.


Receiving emails.


“What was that again? I am going in the wrong direction?”

bird copy

Kaneenika had 62 miles yesterday.


She now has 1740 miles.


Nature get not be pushed away.


Baladev had 51 miles.


He now has 1576 miles

baladev2 copy

Ananda-Lahari had 46 miles yesterday.


He now has 1564 miles.


He is inspired to run hard today.


The differences incredible.


On day 25 Mahasatya took over the job of helping Nirbhasa from Pradeep.  Of Nirbhasa he says, “since then he has done a really good job on the way to reach 3100.”


“I have known him for quite a long time. He has a strong mind and determination.  That is the main thing that you need.  The problems come and go and they are not permanent. I must say he is doing really well.  Apart from all the obstacles and troubles that he has had.”

“He has a rash on pretty much all of his body.  You sweat a lot here and your body gets rid of toxins.  I think his rash is the main problem right now.  Also he does not get much sleep.”


The longest event that Mahasatya has helped out at is the yearly 24 hour race in London.  “A 24 hour race when you think about it now is just Kindergarten jogging.  But here is serious stuff.”

“It is definitely fun and I am learning a lot.  I really enjoy it.  For me it is a really inspiring thing.”

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Ira recites the Daily Prayer


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The beauty of the soul
Is at once infinite
  And eternal.


5 thoughts on “July 13: The Soul Is Eternal”

  1. Nirbhasa is so right that many friends are watching the race and connecting to it.
    All The runners can maybe feel that. We get so much Inspiration from all of you.
    Thank You. Also thanks to Utpal, he makes The inner connection visible through perfectionjourney.

  2. Nice touch– that Irish music during the interview with Nirbhasa! We are all getting so much insight and inspiration from these conversations. Thank you, all, all.

  3. I have been thinking the same things lately. Thanks to Utpal the rest of us just sit in front of our computers, while our hero warriors doing all the work. But by just doing that the message of this race, the consciousness, the various experiences that the runners so freely share and Utpal so selfgivingly records for us = in our oneness we become part of that race,and so the essence of the runners self transcendence, their consciousness is circling around the globe much, much faster and probably more intense.Lots of gratitude to everybody.

  4. So nice to hear Nirbhasa and Rupantar on the phone this weekend, making the race seem closer than ever. Keep up the great posts please Utpal, many thanks.

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