Start…We Must Go Forward, We Must Go Upward, We Must Go Inward (June 17)

The start of this years Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence Race

A lot of meeting old friends

Pranjal remembers the way here

Yolanda is Back

Suprabha there for the start

William with some friends from Sanday

A word with Bahula

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The Runner’s Meeting for the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2018

The 10 runners who will be participating in this years race

Runners arrive for 3 0’clock meeting

Sahishnu and Ananda-Lahari

Sahishnu’s speech


William with his helper Alan




Kobi and Yolanda

A last quiet moment


Rupantar getting ready

Rupantar’s speech

nearly there

Ananda-Lahari, Sopan, Smarana


Vasu and Alexei

The meeting


William and Alan






Yolanda being interviewed by CNN

The Journey’s start
is Dreamful.
The Journey’s
end is

Guru Sri Chinmoy
Aug. 14th, 2007

April 27th Six and Ten Day Race… Something Special

The Race finished at last today

The four race champions

The final runner to cross the line

A well attended ceremony despite the wet

Sahishnu’s speech

Champions all

A 360 view of earlier in the day

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April 26th Six and Ten Day Race… We Must Choose

There is now just 24 hours more of running

Ashprihanal is in a very close race with Bujargal.  13 miles separates them.

Nataliya leads Ilvaka by 8 miles

Still no leaves

John leads the 6 day

A 360 View of the race

Sylvie is 28 miles behind

Some are really exhausted

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April 25th …Night time at the race

It is very different at the race when night falls

Shifts of counters come

For quite a few runners there is still stiff competition

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April 25 Six and Ten Day Race… Eternity’s Road

It has been a wet and windy day in Flushing Meadow

John Geesler continues to lead in the 6 day race after 4 days with 279

Sylvie is 2nd overall with 248

Nataliya leads the 10 day women with 495


Ilvaka is 2nd with 489

Yes it is great weather for ducks but they need to stay in the lake

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April 24 Six and 10 Day Race…Satisfaction Runs Towards Me

The weather is forecast to be wet going into Tuesday night

John Geesler leads the 6 day race with 218

Everyone is enjoying the fine weather while they can

Sylvie is 2nd overall with 204

Nataliya has 434 miles and Ilvaka has 433 miles

Ashprihanal leads the 10 Day Race

A 360 view of the race

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April 23 Six and Ten Day Race… Move Forward

Ashprihanal still leads in the Men’s 10 day race

He ran 84 miles yesterday and has 530 miles for 6 days a Finnish record

Ilvaka ran 61 miles yesterday and is tied for the  lead in the women’s race

Budjargal is 2nd in the men 10 day with 497

Nataliya is tied for the lead with 373 miles

4 more days to go

Click to play 360 view of the race

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April 22 Six and Ten Day Race…Make Progress

The 10 day runners have reached the half way point in their race and the 6 day runners have spent one full day on the course

In a dramatic fashion Ashprihanal has reclaimed the lead.  He ran 86 miles yesterday after running 55 the day before.  He has 446

Nataliya took the lead in the 10 day

Ilvaka is right behind her

Sylvie is the overall leader of the 6 day with 92

John leads the men with 83

Very interesting things have been happening

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April 21 Six and Ten Day Race… Keep Going

At last it is time for the start of the 6 day race

Sahishnu introduces all the runners

Kate Condon is back after an 11 year absence

Runners at the start

A 360 view of the introductions and start

Everyone is eager for the start

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